I Am in Love with the Chivalrous Gentleman.

Chivalry is not dead.

No way. It may be somewhat dormant in this generation, or maybe it is just an unknown, like a forgotten ancient manuscript.

Chivalry separates the boys from the men.

I love chivalry. I love a true gentleman. I love a prince on a white horse, a man in a uniform and a knight in shining armor. In fact, I love a gentleman in a suit. It stimulates the senses while simultaneously making one feel protected.

Chivalry is hunky. It’s sexy. It’s super hot. And the best part, is that it turns women on, and transforms them into ladies. Responsive and trusting ladies.

You treat us like a queen and we will treat you like a king. It goes both ways. Women too, need to remember how to be ladies.

Chivalry does not depend on your looks, it is all about your attitude.

A chivalrous gentleman is kind and honest, gentle but firm and truthful even when it hurts. He is courageous and merciful. He is a problem solver. He is a man of his word. He is not afraid to be vulnerable. He shows up and opens doors. He lays down his heart. He shares his past and speaks of his future.

Chivalry comes natural. It is the way men are meant to be, just as women are meant to be ladies. It is the way of the world. It opens up for love and leads the way for respect. It creates foundations and builds beauty in lasting relationships.



A chivalrous man is respectful. He looks you in the eye. He addresses both men and women equally. He listens more than he speaks.

A chivalrous man allows women, children and elders to go first. He extends himself. He has manners. He is attentive and romantic. He gives room to breathe because he knows women are not captive. He is excited and thrilled for your achievements, never threatened. He glows in pride when other men appreciate you. He is not jealous, for you are individuals sharing time by choice.

He is loyal and humble. He does not speak loudly of his accomplishments. He has inner peace. He is devoted.

He loves women but has eyes only for you. He does not turn his head when a beautiful woman walks by. Instead, he pulls you in closer, soaking up your scent, making you feel honored, secure and loved. In fact, he actually goes out of his way to make you feel more beautiful in the presence of other women.

That is a chivalrous gentleman.





{Putting the sexy back in the Gentleman}



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