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If Love Is A Light, I Am A Prism.

If Love is light, I am a prism.

What makes a crystal sparkle?

The light.

There is no luster without light.

Also, luster exists in the facets of the crystal. For on these facets the light is captured, refracted and seen. It is through the facets that Light is recognized. Without facets the light passes right through. Therefore both the light and the crystal work together to be radiant.

A light beam goes unnoticed until there is a boundary laid for it to be seen; a platform with which to dance upon, a cosmic stage. The light of the sun would go unnoticed if it had not a beautiful sphere of blue to throw itself upon and kiss with its radiance. Even then, our earth is only blue because it soaks in all other colors and in gratitude bounces the blue back to the sun, sharing some love in return.

Saying: Look at this stunning blue radiance you have given me!

If the blue sphere did not circle the sun, our sun would be casting light into an infinite dark space with no home for the light to fall upon. Then where would light be?


Form, shape and darkness all serve Light. Form, shape and darkness all make Light.

A fierce and beautiful paradox.

As humans, we are form and shape in darkness. We also have facets like prisms and diamonds. All boundaries of a crystal capturing light, and refracting it upon the world around us in the very same way light does. Instead of casting hues of color, we break Light into a spectrum of Love and on the same note we become more radiantly filled with Light because other spheres bounce the Light back, like the Earth does to the sun.

Agape, Philia, Charis, Eunoia, Storge, Eros — our colors.

All deviating from one Source.

Were it not broken apart through our beings it would not be seen. Like the sun radiating its light tendrils into the outer cosmos with nothing to bounce off of, nothing to embrace with its warmth.

How would it ever know itself? How would it even know it is light? How could it be what it is?

If Love is Light, I am a prism. I want to shatter your beam and dance with the colors of your astonishing spectrum in a sinuous, rapturous, sensual dance of pure passion pouring outward. Flowing like water from a spring in an endless cycle and recycle.

This is my gift to the Light: that it might know itself.

So that it might see the sheer awe of itself. Like the sun beams bearing down on the earth even in darkness, utilizing the moon as its stand-in for what we cannot see on the dark side. They all serve the Light. Their existence depends on it, expressing the Light that is Love.

I want to radiate your Light and give it back to you then take your Light and pay it forward casting it upon the surface of all that it touches. In a faceted and bedazzled dance of the nebula that is Love.

Hold me in the promise of your forever kiss, your gentle breath and let me radiate it back up to you in the heavens.

 I am a prism and Love is my Light.




Kristi Stout

Kristi Stout

Kristi L. Stout is an artist, mother, and lover. She considers herself a Renaissance woman, in service of Love in its many forms. It is her belief that inside each of us is our own sacred, Wild nature -- a hidden instinct that is not forgotten as much as it is dormant, like leafless trees in winter. It is the part of us that is connected to all things. A knowing without knowing. The part deep inside that understands darkness is necessary for the moon to simmer silver, and recognizes that even if you’re lost in the middle of nowhere you can always find a sacred somewhere -- like an internal compass pointing true north to your heart center. Her passion project, work in progress, is She Is Wild. You can find more of Kristi’s work here or connect with her on Facebook.
Kristi Stout