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Best of Yoga Philosophy ~ A project by Bob Weisenberg.

{Photo courtesy: Bob Wisenberg}

{Photo courtesy: Bob Weisenberg}

There is a lot of great yoga philosophy writing out there, but it is scattered among many websites and individual blogs.

To address the need for a platform that combines the best of yoga online and aiming to bring a lot more readers to the great writers, as well as generate robust discussions at all the great articles, I just started a new virtual magazine and forum called Best of Yoga Philosophy.

Here is how it works:

Every day I select the best Yoga philosophy articles on the Internet and post the links to Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. You read the articles that interest you, and join in the discussions, if so moved.

Below are my choices for this week:



If love is a light, I am a prism. Kristi Stout ~ July 16, 2013. This is actually a very yogic article, even though yoga is never mentioned. It reminds me of some of the more effusive language in the Gita. –Bob W.



r.i.p. yoga international: another yoga mag bites the dust Roseanne Harvey ~ July 16, 2013. But have no fear. Yoga International says it is planning to greatly expand its online offerings. Stay tuned. –Bob W.



The Myth About Chakras & Why You Probably Have it All Wrong. Mijael Brandwajn ~ Jul 16, 2013. Quote: “The truth is that many people who claim to be enlightened, or claim to see and feel the chakras with detail, or both, have spoken about them in terms that are nothing short of contradictory…”



Yoga Taught Me How to Breathe. Kris Lord ~ Jul 16, 2013. “But for all my fascination with cerebral studies, I avoided my own emotional landscape…”


Wisdom - Seeds of Light

From Longing to Belonging Tara Brach ~ July 17, 2013. This is why I have a section for “Related Articles” on Best of Yoga Philosophy, so I post great articles like this that are not yoga per se, but teach the same ideas. –Bob W.


Athiest Yoga

Is Yoga a Religion? The Great Debate — Part two of the discussion between Dr. Candy Gunther Brown and Anton Drake. ~ July 16, 2003. Excellent debate. Gets a little long and heavy at times, but well worth the effort. –Bob W.



Darwinism Debunked — By Charles Darwin. James Abro ~ July 19, 2013. “Right now, I’ll allow Charles Darwin to debunk the infamous postulate so steadfastly attached to his name and work:…”



‘Nothing’s Impossible’ – 94-Year-Old Yoga Teacher Tao Porchon-Lynch.  Posted by YD ~ July 19, 2013. Why does she love yoga so much? “I think it’s the joy of living – to feel that when you are in touch with this wonderful power that’s inside of you, nothing’s impossible.”



Stop cultural appropriation of Yoga: Yoga is all about Hinduism, albeit without the ism  By Sandhu Bhamra. ~ JULY 18, 2013. “Hinduism to a western religious philosophy is inappropriate because Hinduismin its true eternal form – the Sanātana Dharma is not only about a religious belief, it is about technology, life sciences, environment, mind, body, science – all rolled into one…”



Creating a Meditation Practice by Dani Shapiro ~ July 20th, 2013. “It was hard, scary, and sometimes felt silly. What was I doing? I had deadlines to meet. Students to teach. Food shopping to do. But it was helping me to make out the vaguest beginning of an outline. I was starting to see what was there…”

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