Your Sacred Soul Space — Solvable Problems and Removable Limitations.




This Sutra is a powerful tool of faith in the Aquarian realm. It states that every problem is solvable and that every limitation is removable. Can this really be true? Let us take a look.

Every problem carries within itself its own solution. This is a statement that makes many of us think, “Yeah, right!”

It is a true statement nevertheless. It is just that the problem and the solution exist on different levels of consciousness within the same sphere. Does that make sense?

Einstein said, “You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.”

The solution is there — but we need to expand our perspective to be able to access it!

As we elevate ourselves out of the limited space of the ordinary mind and into our Sacred Soul Space (into the higher seat of Spirit’s wisdom), and expand our consciousness into more of the limitlessness that is available to us in this Infinite Universe, we begin to realize that the problem was not really a problem, but a powerful catalyst for our own evolution.

If you are willing to ride the wave, it will sooner or later carry you ashore.

In any problem-solving situation, persistence is the key as we start to unravel the ball of energy that leads us to the solution.

The path may be a long and winding road sometimes. It might look like we are moving backwards, but let me assure you that we can never go back. In an ever-expanding Universe, there is only progress, even when cycles repeat themselves!

It might look like nothing is happening, or the wrong thing is happening. But if we allow ourselves to stick with it and suspend judgement for the moment, sooner or later (probably sooner), we will have both feet on dry land  — we would have found our solution or the resolution to our conundrum/situation.

Let go of limitation of form. Open your eyes to the energy of a situation.

Just as persistence is key, so is letting go of the limiting thought of form.

“My solution has to look like this.”

Trust that the Universe knows its business and your Soul knows your needs!

Trust that everything comes to you in the perfect aspect of what you need right now.

It could be anything — from bringing you the perfect partner in the imperfect form (he is amazing but I prefer men with a University degree and blond hair might be a way of limiting your perfect outcome) to getting a job in a sector you never contemplated before. Happiness lies around every corner when we are open to letting go of our preconceived concepts of how things should look.

To navigate this aspect of block-busting, we can use this easy tool:

Let go of a specific outcome and focus on the goal: how does it feel?

Does it feel light, or does it feel heavy? Let go of how it looks.

Does it make your heart sing?

Is there a zing-ing, rising feeling inside?

Are there joyful bubbles or butterflies flying around in your stomach?

Or does it feel heavy, grey, stuck, limiting?

Does it feel like settling for something?

Is there an “I shouldn’t” kind of sense somewhere?

Play around with this. The lightness you experience is your Soul giving you the thumbs up sign. The heavy, stuck feeling is your mind holding you back by imposing its outdated, limited rules. Which one will you choose?

Trust Divine timing.

Everything has been programmed into the Universal timer. As we allow things to unfold naturally by being grateful, by appreciating, by trusting, and by patiently following the leads and cues we get — not pushing against or closing off our flow — then the Universe provides us with the next step.

And the next step.

And the next step.

Until we have reached our current goal — usually delivered in a slightly different form than what we expected, but often even better than what we could have dreamed!

As we have the experience of moving through our problem and into the solution, and as we clear the way through our block, we realize that this is an infinite treasure hunt. We realize that we can start having fun looking for clues and moving forward with excitement, trust and joy! As long as we have breath in our body, we will be moving forward.

We decide the quality of our life adventure. Let us be Universal Explorers and joyfully move forward through the labyrinths of life.


{Walk the Creative Labyrinth of You.}



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