To Write is to Become.




“Either a writer doesn’t want to talk about his work, or he talks about it more than you want.”
~ Anatole Broyard

This is not the sort of thing I do much — talk about writing. Unless you count one of the main characters in my first novel, or conversations I have over dinner with friends, or unless someone asks and I know they are not just making small talk, or if I just feel like talking. But other than that, almost never.

I dance around words. I pretend to hide from sentences. I tease turns of phrase. It takes me days to pick up a pen. I am a writer.

How can I tell you what it means to be a writer? Imagine you knew nothing of science, how would you describe air or what it feels like to breathe? How would you explain to someone from a dry planet that water is wet? How do you explain to the colorblind that the sky is blue?

I scribble masterpieces on matchbooks. I collect sentence fragments like fairy dust. I watch the world through kaleidoscope eyes. I am a writer.

To write is to live inside a dream. To be the dreamer and the dream. To live in a limitless world of seamless dimensions. Writing and dreaming share the same helix. Both speak in metaphors and navigate by feel.

I awake from a world of limitless possibilities inside a world of narrow boundaries. I scramble to scribble down the memories of the other side.

You and I are metaphors. Dreams within dreams within another dream. There is no explanation for life beyond the dreamworld. Beyond what we can learn from poetry and from prose. This world is an illusion, a fact we forget again and again and again.

As Master Fuller reminded us, there are no solids in the universe. There’s not even a suggestion of a solid. All else is fantasy. Despite what your teachers, judges, scholars insist.

To write is to fully embrace the world where love reigns supreme. Because love, despite what you have been told, is all there is. Love is not the opposite of hate, of fear, of oppression or inhibition. Love contains all these things and more. Love is. There is really nothing more to say.

To write is to begin to know. To know is to begin to become. To become is to begin to see these points on a circle.

To begin to see is to lose the illusion that love, good, righteousness are on one side, and whatever other thing you can imagine is on the other. Then our ears start to open. Then our eyes start to hear. Then the dream becomes real and the real becomes our dream.


{Dream Yourself Awake}


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