Your Magical Mental Backpack — Go Wherever You Want to Go.





By Debbie Happy Cohen.

“What are you willing to give up, in order to have what you really want?” I have asked this question before, and God knows I will probably ask it again, because I think it’s the deepest truthful query.” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert (bestselling author of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’)

Have you ever asked yourself the question: What thoughts do I want to take with me today?

Most people have not, likely because the answer would be so obvious: Well, positive ones, of course.

Thoughts which stimulate feelings of love and abundance and ease and joy… thoughts of travel, adventure, friendship and creative expression. Who doesn’t want those?

But, you ask yourself: Is it realistic? Who can live that way? Other thoughts and feelings will show up. What do I do with them?

And so I offer you the following experiment… an opportunity to stretch your vibrational wings and see where they take you. Every day, before you leave the house, you choose what you will bring… your purse, wallet, keys, bottled water, phone, etc.

What if… you also consider what you would want to bring along in your mind? What thoughts will you pack in your Mental Backpack? I hope you will opt for the best ones!

Consider starting your morning with the following intention before you choose what to include in your Mental Backpack for the day ahead:

“Today I will approach every thought from a place of wholeness, which means each and every one is allowed to exist. But I do not need to put any one of them in my Mental Backpack today. If a particular thought enhances my life or brings me joy, I can pack it and take it with me.

If it does not, I can see if it has a message for me. If it does, I can be receptive to the message. But if it is an old, outdated habit, I can simply take a seat on a tree stump and burn the old ratty news in a nearby fire-pit. I can open my Mental Backpack of positive thoughts and munch on a snack that is in there.”

Copy the quote above. Put it on your mirror. Place it by your bedside and in your wallet. Contemplate it every morning. Make it yours.

The benefits are enormous. This practice will align you with your best self, where juicy choices and gorgeous opportunities come from. It is where synchronicities abide and have babies. It is the basis for goosebumpy joy. It is the birthplace of manifestations. The results will lead you directly to who you really are.

So yes, I will say this: It is a Magical Backpack, and it is yours if you want it.

Better than Prada, Coach or Louis Vuitton; it will never scratch, dent or tear, and it will sparkle as long as you keep putting good thoughts in and oohing and aahing over every good thought you take out!

There is one important caveat though: Most people are not used to feeling really grand, which is how you will naturally feel when you are munching on positive thoughts and feelings throughout the day. So you will have to give yourself permission… because ultimately, and in the long run, you are the only one who can!

This means: if you have ever said to yourself, “I am not allowed to feel that good,” because of whatever (you are a sinner, you have debt, you are too fat, your parents did not like you, the government is horrible, your boss is a jerk, etc.), that is simply a story you are hanging on to (in other words, a specific vibration you have got used to).

These kinds of mental stories you tell yourself will keep you stuck, and will eventually squeeze the life out of you. They will crowd out any good thoughts, preventing your Mental Backpack from glowing with positive thoughts and feelings, the ones you want to carry with you wherever you go.

To remedy this all-too-common bugaboo, here is a new story for you (or you can make up your own):

Picture a huge black piece of luggage… say, the size of the room you are in. Imagine holding the handle and trying to take it through the door of an airplane with you. Obviously, it cannot fit! So you let it go, you drop it… Boom! And as soon as you do, the plane, which has now turned into a rocket, flies you as high as you want to go. To the moon, to the stars! You are light! You have dropped your baggage! You can now go wherever you want to go!

People who carry light thoughts are powerful, indeed, and for one simple reason: they are single-minded in their choice to feel good.

I will leave you with a quote from one of my favorite actresses, Katherine Hepburn — outspoken, empowered, and full of life — to take with you on your journey: “I never lose sight of the fact that just being is fun.”

Happy Trails!


Debbie Happy Cohen is a traveling artist, author and life coach, whose work and play can be seen at:


{Full of Life}



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