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A Sweet List Of Things To Remember.

“We lay there and looked up at the night sky and she told me about stars called blue squares and red swirls and I told her I’d never heard of them. Of course not, she said. The really important stuff they never tell you. You have to imagine it on your own.” ~ Brian Andreas

We can sail through our days forgetting about wonder, for our lives are filled with endless lists and programs and responsibilities and commitments.

Yet sometimes, small occurrences of unparalleled perfection wrap their wings around us while hinting once again at the wildly delicious connectedness of everything. And this is why on this day I invite you to my random list of sweetly unrelated things you may  just want to remember.

Time heals.

I promise you this.

Mountain winds sound exactly like ocean waves.

Wind is the earth’s breath, rising and falling while carrying all the mysteries of the world.

UitwaaienYou are worth everything now.

It’s not when you accomplish this or that tomorrow, or the day after or two years or five years from now. Forget all of the perfectionist tendencies that keep you on the treadmill, endlessly running and reaching at tremendously unsustainable speeds. You are whole, you are perfect, and you are worthy, right here, right now.

Walls can be destroyed.

Sometimes it takes more strength than at other times. Sometimes the crumbling is a heck of a lot dirtier, grittier and painful than we ever could’ve imagined. But it is more than possible.

The sun always rises (and is always beautiful).

“The door is round and open. Don’t go back to sleep.” ~ Rumi

Children know the answers.

There is a term called Magical Thinking that is very common among young children. It is the delightful belief that one’s own thoughts, wishes, or desires can influence the external world.

Trees can grow through rock.

Roots are powerful, with unwavering intention, and they bend and instinctively know how to adjust to the current conditions.

There is music in everything.

Have you ever been lulled to sleep by the rain on city streets or danced in a jog as your feet hit the pavement or gotten lost in a lover’s heartbeat? Everything is always music.

Logic doesn’t produce magic.

Yet magic and sustainability can be the same thing. So create magic. Work from a place of magic. Love from a place of magic. Maintain and nurture your glittering eyes.

2a2485c9f3daedf36aff896b98652197Somewhere, somebody loves you.

And you are under the same sky, tethered to the same ground, at this very moment.

Rocks must be split open in order to find the loveliest crystals.

And these ancient rocks form crystals slowly and over time, deep in the fiery belly and shadowed experience of the earth.

The moon orchestrates our nights and tides.

And so we are tied to it as well. Listen to its many moods, as they are directly sending subtle messages to your own body and spirit.

Your heart expands when it’s broken.

A shattered heart mends but it has stretched. The stretching creates room for even more love. In fact, the loveliest people are the ones who’ve been burnt and broken and torn at the seams, yet still send their open hearts into the world to mend with love again and again, and again.

You don’t need to choose mediocrity when fire exists.

Fire is passion and passion is aliveness — these two things combined are also ecstatic. For once, allow your belief to undo your disbelief so destiny can hold you in it’s gorgeous, fiery grasp.

0f60c876fac18add4d8415e93d2a25c9The strength lies in the exhale.

The next time you tense up from anxiety, rather than holding your breath, exhale.

Edges can be ridden.

When you reach your edge, soften. Soften until you slip through the constraints and can create a new route, and release so you can rise once again. Water is soft, yet powerful. Reach your edge and soften.

Road trips are the equivalent of human wings.

And these adventure stories we’ve created by going on them are far more important than collections, materials, or things.

cdabee62553c66b4f9579267895388a31Love is essentially a seed.

It begins as delicate and vulnerable, and requires daily nourishment, care, and dedicated time to build strength. A solid foundation must be put into place so it can both burst into bloom and then remain vitally healthy.

You should do it now.

Is it truly worth waiting to do it? Time is slipping by. In fact, days, weeks, and months are vanishing into a place called nostalgia. So whatever it is that’s calling you from just beyond the edge of your too-familiar ache should be honored.

And this is me giving you the permission to do it. And to do it now. Because everything is waiting for you.


Victoria Erickson
Victoria Erickson is a grounded idealist who's been writing the world awake since she was a child, as she was born starry eyed, and eating poetry. Based in Austin TX, she splits her time between writing for herself and others, working as a freelance writer, creative coach and editor for businesses, and also sharing her passion for fierce wellness with 13 years of experience in the holistic health fields. Above all else, she believes in innate wildness, intuitive body intelligence, the power of sensitivity, the connection economy, and this immensely gorgeous planet we all inhabit. You can connect with her and her musings and offerings on Facebook, FB writer's page, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. You can also sign up for her Wild and Well Creative Notes for Wondrous and Inspired Living. Her book, Edge of Wonder is available on Amazon.
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