Ditch Mediocrity, Start Playing Big.


{Photo via Vintage Everyday}

{Photo via Vintage Everyday}

By Adedayo Fashanu
You are a soul on fire.

Burning for love, excitement, expansion, growth, adventures, life thrills that leave you thirsty for more, relationships that keep you living an authentic life, and a deep desire to play big, really big, because:

  • You’re tired of playing small.

  • Your IQ feels like it’s being abused because of your lack thus far to maximize its potential.

  • You’re irritated with being surrounded by people who seem overly comfortable living mediocre lives.

But wait, you wonder to yourself:

  • If it’s just you thinking too highly of yourself.

  • If it’s just you feeling like you are better than others who seem to be in your same shoes, but are for some reason comfortable with it.

  • If you are reaching for something beyond your capacity.

  • If you are dreaming too big.

  • If you are not being realistic enough.

  • If you can really challenge your status quo and change it for the best.

So what do you do next?

1. You revisit your past.

Your ex-lovers, ex-friends, ex-coworkers, ex-schools, ex-locations you used to live, ex-relationships, and every part of your past you might have unfinished business with.

You revisit them by going down memory lane, by reconnecting with them somehow, or by paying attention to them this time because what you find is a game changer.

They initially seem lovely to revisit or reconnect with again, to the point where you almost forgot why that is a part of your past.

But give it a few days, that reason soon resurfaces: feelings of low self-esteem, feeling like this time you’re really playing small — the need to minimize yourself to not look so grand.

Revisiting your past is confirmation and validation for making the initial decision to leave. It is a note to the self that the past is such for a reason and even though you might forget why you left in the first place, always remember that if it were good for you, you’d still be there.

2. You evaluate your present.

They say your present is a gift, but in your present, you’re constantly feeling uncomfortable, tired of managing, tired of everything that makes you feel mediocre.

What to do? First acknowledge that the present is a gift that you deserve, and the fact that you feel discomfort shows you are a mindful conscious being who wants to be the creator and curator of your own life and destiny.

Use that discomfort you feel at this present moment to consciously create the life that you desire. Your present is your now, don’t waste it!

3. You envision/imagine your future.

Charged up to pursue goals, inspired to dream big, motivated to conquer, fearless to live, nothing to lose, aspired to create something out of nothing, stoked to apply your IQ to full capacity, fully equipped and empowered to challenge status quo.

Why now?

Because you’ve done your homework. You revisited your past, thinking you were just too ambitious for your own good, but definitely not, because you learned that you left your past behind because you wanted more and better for yourself.

Then, you tried your present and realized that your present is a beautiful gift that must not be wasted, that this is the youngest you will ever be, so why wait till later to live fully?

So, with that realization, you begin to imagine your future. Now you’re charged, excited, and feeling the motion that keeps you driven.

Ready to ditch mediocrity at last?

Go. Play. Big.



Adedayo FashanuAdedayo Fashanu is a holistic health and lifestyle development coach. She is the founder of a holistic boutique and personal development coaching company called LifestyleWellbeing LLC. She is a creative writer, lifestyle blogger and soon to be published author of her first book centered on lifestyle, wellbeing and personal development for young enthusiasts. She loves any opportunity to teach on health, holistic living and helping young women to reconnect mind, body and spirit. She hopes to carry on her message of health, healing and personal development by offering individual coaching, group programs, workshops, retreats, and also posting videos through her upcoming YouTube channel LifestyleWellbeing TV. You can connect with her on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.



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