I Deserve It. No, You Don’t.

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When we are in a state of dreaming big, we imagine our lives as they will be in the future, when the dream comes true.

Often what goes hand in hand with the dream (almost the cherry on top) is the sweet sensation that we actually deserve for all of our dreams to become a reality.

We begin to justify our dream: we feel we are worthy of it, which leads to We ought to have it, until we decide to ask for it or go for it. While confidence is paramount to achieving success, inflated self-importance, arrogance and delusion are absolutely not.

Why would anyone feel that they deserve anything?

I deserve to be happy.

I deserve to live in a beautiful house.

I deserve wealth.

Who spins this nonsense? The media? To sell you something that you actually don’t need? These messages and lies come from all over — but it’s time we cut the crap and burst the bubble. Because, the truth is:

You do not deserve anything.

This is life: it is not always fair or understandable, let alone rose-colored or peaches and cream. The only thing you deserve, you have already been given: you are alive! That right there is your gift — you already have it. As you breathe in and out, remember: this breath is your treat.

Anything and everything else is an incredible bonus. All you need to do is be grateful for the opportunity because your time on this earth is very limited.

Living on the earth has certain restrictions, rules, regulations and costs (emotional and physical), but within these constraints is the freedom to choose a life for yourself. To create your own reality, through dedication, hard work and ultimately, sacrifice.

Yes, you are going to have to make choices and sacrifice a few things. It’s not a constant buffet.

Nothing worth having comes easily and it is only while on the journey to the destination you have set for yourself, where you learn, grow, develop and actualize into the person that you are destined to become.

The sooner you stop feeling sorry for yourself or thinking of yourself as a victim in some cruel twist of fate, and accept that this is where you are, right here, right now, you are able to do something. Change direction, start over or simply keep going.

When you begin to take responsibility for the choices, actions and decisions that have gotten you to where you are today, you are able to take back control over your own life and steer yourself in the right direction.

So when you find yourself quietly pouting to yourself because It’s not fair or This shouldn’t have happened or You deserve something/someone, punch yourself in the face. Okay, don’t do that, but allow the cold light of reality to slap you with the fact that: This is life. This is what you have to work with.

Now you can cry and moan and delude yourself into mindless oblivion, or you can grab hold of yourself and the situation you find yourself in and do something.

You will feel better, it’ll all get better, and very soon, you’ll feel the liberating effect that comes with acceptance and responsibility.


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