2015: Let’s Commit Not To Being Dams, But Vessels.

I feel time slowing down. The whirr of the spin through my Saturn return becomes quieter every day.

This last one was a year of intense self-reflection and healing. I endured both excitement and pain brought on by the speedy transition of the past few years, and by my commitment to seeing and integrating parts of myself that I had turned away from for so long.

Every plunge into the shadow was difficult, and every subsequent emergence from a dark depth yielded palpable, peaceful release.

The stories of the past that were hardened and stuck under my skin have broken apart, and with each cycle of the moon more of the pieces slide back into the ocean, back into the ether from whence they came and into which they may always return and dissolve.

Maybe you are here with me, too. Or have felt this in the past, in the future, or in another life. Regardless of where you are, here are my wishes for us in the coming year.

In 2015, may these jagged pieces of ourselves continue to be shed from our bodies. May our layers of old identifications and beliefs gently wear away, peeled back from our essence by the sharp knife of awareness and a commitment to the regeneration of new skin, new life, a new story.

May self-love be the salve to coat the rawness left after the shedding. May the compassionate touch of our own hands ease any residual pain.

Let us leave behind old stories based in self-doubt, fear, holding on to the past, and worrying about the future. This letting go and moving on needn’t feel painful.

In contrast with the sometimes overwhelmingly fast propulsion of the past few years, may the upcoming year have a gentler manner of nudging us forward, with playfulness, levity, and acceptance for our beautiful humanness and sweet imperfections.

This year, let us commit to bodily presence, cultivated through breath and movement. May we wake in the morning and dance to songs about freedom. May we take the time to feel the vibration coursing through our bodies; unyielding, enlivening.

Let us not take for granted a single inhalation or exhalation. Let us feel the soothing cool of air sliding into our nostrils and down the backs of our throats on its way to filling our bellies, ribs, and chests. May we savor the sensation of respiration.

May we allow all swells of emotion to pass freely through our nerves and tissues, and experience them all as a thrilling purity of tactile aliveness.

May this year bring us deep cellular understanding of our potential. May we commit to daily acknowledgment of the power of our art, our words, our love. Let us be conduits to create that which moves us and yearns to move through us. Let us not quiet our imperfect voices.

Let us commit to writing with fierceness and honesty, directly from our hearts, so that we may not only find greater understanding of our own experience, but contribute something to the world that is meaningful and touches the heart of someone out there.

This year, may we touch someone’s heart, and let someone touch ours. May we be no longer afraid of the intimacy that we deeply need and desire. May we know that despite the stories and protests of our old hurt selves, we are capable of loving a divine human counterpart with every cell of our being.

May we know that our love is capable of bringing warmth and healing, for we have healed ourselves first with its power.

Let us allow ourselves to receive love and to feel the warmth and healing of a lover who is worthy and capable of meeting us in the open space between two conscious, human-shaped fields of love.

This year, may we remember every day the importance of connecting with the deepest truth of who we are at our core.

Let us see the connectedness of all beings and never forget that beneath the straightforward struggles and joys of the mundane, day to day activities, there exists a deep well of love that we can drink from whenever we are thirsty.

We are fluid. We are made of and immersed in abundant watery life. Love and creativity keep the waters flowing. This year, let us commit not to being dams, but vessels.


AshleyBerry-100x153Ashley Berry is simplifying her life to create ample space for the existence of the complex range of human emotion and creative expression.On resume paper, Ashley is a certified Yoga instructor, seven-year social work veteran, bartender extraordinaire, and holder of a BA in Psychology. In her paper heart, she is a lifelong writer, curious photographer, adventurous world wanderer, gracefully spasmodic dancer, and passionate food lover with a penchant for potatoes in any form. She has a lot of gusto for life and the myriad joys of the universe, and in looking for a lens through which to focus her energy, has discovered the freedom in writing, which allows her an outlet to explore a million potential paths through words. You can follow her work on her blog.


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