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The Feminine Principle: Yes, We Are Just Breasts And Hips.

Consider the magic. I’m talking about the energy of breasts and hips, not the various motivations or displays when they’re separated from the whole, of the female being.

I’m referring to the defining parts ascribed to girls who grow up to become women — breasts and hips — that set us apart from boys and men.

Our hips are equipped to miraculously expand and birth life, burst life, through us, and our breasts are made to offer sustenance, life source for life force, and vice versa. It’s supernatural. They are, we are: Blessed.

Thing is, during puberty when parts start showing up, we tend to lose sight of what’s really developing within us. We get distracted by the outward expression; lost in judging and comparing, rather than absorbing the entirety of the endowment — the spiritual nature and favor.

Every breast, every hip, regardless of shape or size — big, small, wide, or narrow; each one is completely perfect. Each one is divinely feminine and femininely divine. They all work. They all share a spiritual force and sacred purpose.

Consider the breasts and where they lie. They rest upon our lungs and our heart and they call us to expand those capacities: To open up to life and nourish it from a place of conscious connection — with the expansion of breath and the deep soul of heart rhythms.

According to Louise Hay, the breasts represent mothering, nurturing and nourishment. Imagine how we miss the boat if we’re mad at our breasts for not looking a certain way, or if we lose them by or to dis-ease.

What a riddle of life, to miss who we are, as feminine beings, as lovers, because we are born lovers of self, of life, of beauty and of the world. We are called to nurture and nourish because breasts are bounty. They are symbols to remind us of the spiritual abundance we bring into the world.


Put your hands on your hips. Feel for a moment, a beautiful free moment of time, all that lies between your hands and your hip bones. From one side to the other, a lot is going on: creativity, power, passion, possibly orgasm, perhaps birth.

Here too, as with the breasts, if we fail to understand our power, our she-ness, we miss the boat. When we walk, we talk, with our hips. When we dance, sway, move, or make love, we are speaking beyond words and beyond worlds.

Sometimes when I’m meditating and feeling out my sacral chakra, I sense waves, wild and free, splashing back and forth between my hips — full of emotions, wants, dreams and desires.

I feel it brewing within me, within my womb, creation; the potency growing stronger, like the punch, kick, and spank, of the best kombucha, with each swish and every sway.

As you walk, I dare you to allow yourself to really feel your hips rise and fall, to let them swing to the left and to the right, to slow down and allow them full expression.

Sometimes I wonder if the Divine Feminine is rising more in men than in women. On city streets, I see men taking their time, allowing their gait to be (consciously or not) felt out more, present, not rushed. I see women, myself included, running here and there, and I wonder why.

I mean, I know there’s always much to be done, but really, is that our most powerful contribution to life? To race time and turn the world? Do you think the planet might be okay if we slowed down and felt our hips again, let the waves splash and our hearts breathe?

It’s just an idea; the art, heart, beauty, spunk and spirit, behind the breasts and the hips. The feminine principle.



JulieASergelJulie A. Sergel was born a curious soul, raised by the wind and held by the moon. She loves both city and country, prefers adventure and otherworldly companions, and knows her heartbeat to be held by IAmCitizenJane, a lifestyle brand, philosophy and movement, whose sole purpose is to inspire women to enjoy and explore themselves and the worlds in which they are found.


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