I am She. {poetry}


By Ulli Stanway

She comes out of the misty woods,

naked and wild.

She runs with the wolves.

She howls at the red midnight moons.

She takes what she wants.

Gives back if she wishes.

Never ever hides away.

Lives amongst the trees.

She is fearless, dark and mysterious,

her eyes tell endless tales of former lives.

She is haunted by her own destiny.

She is alone,

she is all there is.

She is here to heal all of her wounds,

inflicted by the ones

who claim to know.

She wanders the forests

in a red cloak,

the fabric filled with her heavy tears.

The stake they drove

into her heart centuries ago,

still holding her in tight grip.

She bows to no one.

She embraces life,

in a different way.

As she awaits her dreams

to be caught for her to see,

she closes her eyes.

For one day her bleeding heart

will stop its painful beat,

then her soul will arise.

She walks through the myths of time.

Forwards and backwards in her timeless space.

Effortless and without skin and bones.

She is being pulled by the past

whilst being pushed by envy of the future she.

She walks through the myths of time.

As she starts to remember her feelings,

she recalls her spirit.

What her heart tried to hide

whilst it bleeds more than life has to give.

She is ready to awaken

to be what she is.

As she removes the stake from her heart,

her soul is ready to reveal all its secrets to the world.

Her fear vanishes to create space for her powers.

She is needed, now more than ever.

She is ready to come to life.

After all this time

she is slowly awakening in ceremony.

One heavy step at the time.

She is without name and without time.

She is fierce in her love and fiery in her soul.

She is me and I am her.

She is the sacred cycle

of all living things.

Moon and Sun.

Darkness and Light.

The ever changing seasons

of blossoming death.

She is the ebb and flow of life.

Heartbeat after heartbeat,

she bows to no one.

She is all there is.

I am letting her rise.

She embraces me

and visits me at night

when I put my body to rest.

She is patiently awaiting my joining her.

It is time for me

to make my preparations.

She is getting close.

I welcome her,

fully and wholeheartedly.

She is me and I am her.

She is only one heartbeat away.

My next heartbeat.

The stake removed after centuries.

I walk through the myths of time with her.

I can never go back.

I am with her.

Forever as one.

We have found each other,

our hearts and souls reunited,

through time and space,

she is I and I am her.



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