When Shame Steals The Show & The Only Person Watching Is You.


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I have been bad once or twice.

I have not only killed animals and people, but villages, civilizations, and other galaxies just like that, with one finger, and probably even got a bit bored while doing it. And my guess is, you have, too. But hey, that was a long time ago, so who cares?

Well, nobody, really, except ourselves, when the life we so desperately want to live does not match our current status quo. We have ideas, projects, businesses and relationships that somehow fall apart, every time.

We distract ourselves by getting more and more pretty, joining the hottest private clubs in the city, building online empires and seducing lovers to our doorsteps to soon realize it was just a one big show.

A show that tried to cover the shame we still feel underneath for killing innocent planetary habitats just because we felt like it; because we had nothing better to do; because it seemed like a great idea at the time.

And the only person in the audience was you.

If you are feeling stuck in any area of your life today (relationships, business, money, etc.), consider the possibility that you are being stopped by shame.

If you are not feeling stuck, and you feel that most things you do are in harmony with who you truly are, you can stop reading. Seriously, this won’t apply to you. And I sincerely celebrate you.

We can try self-compassion and forgiveness, but it will only take us so far. We can try humor. Sarcasm. Meditation. Tantra. We can even go as far as forgiving God, if you believe such a being exists. But my experience tells me that it won’t work. It won’t get to the bottom of the issue.

And here is the dark, nasty, hidden truth of this issue: every single bad thing you see being done in the world today, you have probably done yourself.

Boom! Brave for me to say that, right? Let me continue…

Because we have been bad and done horrible things, we have a tendency to seek pleasure. Everything we do in this world needs to feel fun, sexy, seductive and gratifying.

The sad thing is that we end up often feeling less like a seductress, and more like a victim.

Here is the formula: the need for more pleasure is directly correlated to how victimized you end up feeling, and both of these things correlate to the amount of shame you feel in your life.

You do not need to stop feeling pleasure, because pleasure is a good thing. Pleasure becomes not such a good thing if it becomes an obsession.

And obsession in itself is a distorted energy that leaves a hole in your aura that seeks to be filled no matter what, because this hole really truly represents the disconnection with your own Source, which many of you may call Source God, or Divine, or Universe.

Ultimately, this connection holds the memory of why you are on the planet in the first place, and the loss of connection feels like a death, because it holds your blueprint, your purpose, and your destiny.

So, back to the hole. This hole seeks pleasure constantly, but because nothing in the material reality can ever fill this hole, we end up feeling exhausted and… like a victim. And because feeling like a victim is extremely painful, we want to move back to seeking pleasure.

As you can see, this cycle is never-ending. I know this cycle inside out because I built my life there. Oh boy, do I know it!

And this cycle is wrapped in the subtle sense of shame, every moment.

How do we end it? How do we pop out of it?

By finding out what led us to do the bad thing we did. Not what we did, or how we did it. The story here is irrelevant. But what was the reason that led us to the situation in the first place? Where did we lose our focus as a creator?

And this place is just a tiny dot in space. And I can tell you how to get there. I’m a different kind of tourist guide. I can introduce you to places inside your own consciousness.

And let me tell you, it’s so worth it.

Upon your return, you no longer create your business and relationships on the sand of shame, but on the mountain of your own true being. You no longer end up spending your precious money and time on things that are just a cover up.

You will finally accept the fact that you always had everything it takes.

And you will create a sixth sense for things that feel off.

You will no longer be seduced. You will be guided.

You will no longer feel the hole, but the wholeness of you.

You will no longer be living a lie, but a life.

But first, we need to find the thing that is blocking you, the thing that is holding you back. The place where — after years and years of personal work — you still doubt yourself.

You will not only step into the river of your own life, but you will become the river. You are finally free. You are finally here. From no-where to now-here. Welcome.

Come with me.


Riikka Rajamaki
Riikka Rajamäki teaches women how to use intuition in their love life and business so that the choices they make are based on true, spiritual alignment. Riikka left her home country of Finland and moved to New York City where she witnessed the fall of the Twin Towers right when she herself was hitting the bottom of her nobody-ness, wandering the streets without a job, money or a place to live. Now she knows how to remind others that love happens when what we are not is no longer in charge. Riikka is a certified Spirit Coach©, trained intuitive, certified Ritual Trance Dance facilitator, the founder of The Daily Nothing -practice and Breakup Fast and she holds a MA in Sociology. Connect with her through her website and Facebook.
Riikka Rajamaki
Riikka Rajamaki