Rise Like The Phoenix And Sing Your Fire Song.

{Photo credit: © Konradbak | via C. Ara Campbell}

{Photo credit: © Chanel Baran via C. Ara Campbell}


Today she rose…

Unapologetically centered in the truth of all that she is. Raw and wild with ancient knowing coursing through her veins, fiercely. She knows. She is it. She is here.

She knows that ruins occur when the time has come to rise. To burn away the old that no longer is in alignment with her truth is to feed the fires needed for transformation. To release the beliefs that no longer serve her is to become all that she is.

She knows her divine crown is waiting, seated at the center of her wide open heart, and the doorway lies just beyond the flames.

Rubble begins to fall when the walls that once stood tumble to the ground beneath her feet. This is the place that the shrouds that once concealed her scatter to the four winds, and are lost in the fading horizon, no longer important to her journey forward.

She gathers upon her sacred fire the crumbling pieces of a past that would shroud her no more, the torn scraps and tattered fabric that she once tried to make do with. The ill-fitting garments that once bound her tightly as she held in her breath become discarded like the old patterns and thoughts that no longer serve her.

All that falls away becomes the kindling for her blaze.

In this raging inferno, the ashes of what is no longer serving her highest purpose become the birthing place for all that is yet to come. This sacred fire is the transformative womb for her next incarnation. This is a process of rebirth that is midwifing her authentic self into being.

She throws the familiar masks to the ground below, knowing that there is no such thing as the wrong path. There is no wrong way, no wrong time, no mistakes and it is never too late. There is now — this moment, this breath, this time. And it is always here, always within arm’s reach.

She has within her infinite chances to break the chains that bind her and burn the past away, to be able to let go of the shore and flow upon the winding river that stretches eternally in front of her. The bridges she burns and watches fall in the distance are those which lead back towards that which holds her spirit no longer.

When the flames ignite to burn away what was, she knows that this is the path and she is present with the lessons and medicine here. She knows that when the smoke clears and she rises to stand tall, all that is meant to be there will be within reach or it will be on its way to her in this newly formed sacred space.

When she steps into the blaze of her truth, she ignites her deepest longing which can never be extinguished, lost or tamed. This is the burning call of her soul. The spark of these deep desires will burst into a raging inferno that will set her world alight. And she is ready to dance in the flames.

She never fears that she will be destroyed in the inferno of change. She knows she will not be lost in the burning fire, she will be transformed by the flames. She will rise from the ashes anew and soar into the skies with fresh wings.

This is her time, and she is the Phoenix rising. And this was her fire song.

Today she rose.


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C. Ara Campbell
C. Ara Campbell is a visionary writer, the founder of The Goddess Circle, soul guide, cosmic channel, artist, facilitator of the Inner Priestess Awakening online program, and author of The Astro Forecast. She is a modern-day mystic dedicated to the awakening and rising Feminine, living embodied truth and aiding others in connecting with their medicine. She is an old soul who has been writing and channeling guidance from the unseen since she was young, and intuitively soul-coaching using spiritual and natural energies. She can often be found seeking wisdom and solace in the wilds of Mother Earth. You could contact her via Facebook.
C. Ara Campbell