If I Choose To Stay, My Illusion Of You Will Be Shattered.



If I choose to stay, my illusion of you will be shattered.

It will slowly be replaced with the truth of your smile, the love in your heart, and the warmth of your hand.

If I choose to stay, we shall live a million lifetimes in one.

I am choosing to abide in your sorrow, grief, joy, and heartbreak. I am willing to strip myself bare in the name of love, to inadvertently participate in something greater than myself.

I am willing to walk through a hundred heartbreaks for another second in your arms. Through the arguments and fights, there is a love that refuses to surrender, a beauty that beckons to me whenever we are apart.

Your heart and soul have become my lifeline, constantly reflecting back to me the beauty I have missed along the way. You wear your truth with such grace that it inspires my own authenticity.

No longer can I content myself with the illusion of love. I require substance. I will submerge myself into your heart and soul, forever changed from the encounter.

For once I will stay.

I will not allow the fear of losing myself to hinder the process.

I trust in love to bring me to my true self, the one forever waiting for our souls to unite.

When you see straight through me, I will not turn away.

I will allow my wounds and flaws to grow into a beautiful tapestry through the strength of your love, a testament to the magnificent way our hearts can heal and mold themselves anew.

Looking into your eyes, I am reconciled with possibility; the dreams that have long sat on the back burner waiting for my soul to come back to life. Your presence reminds me of what could be, the vast beauty and sorrow that exists in this world and its sheer perfection.

Every moment was leading me to this one, every heartbreak a stepping stone to true and lasting love. I am realizing that I am powerless in the face of this love, it cannot be tamed or thwarted.

Within your soul I remember the light that has long been disguised by darkness. Your gentle touch reminds me that kindness is a possibility, hope a given.

A life without you is unfathomable and I will do whatever necessary to ensure that we grow together. I will invest in your heart and soul, providing you with all the emotional sustenance you will ever need.

When your heart is broken and you have surrendered hope, I will stay. I will continue to reflect back to you the beauty you have missed, reminding you of your indomitable spirit and the truth of your essence.

I will hold still your shattered spirit in my hand. I will hold it ever so lightly, ensuring that it has the greatest chance to heal. Your love will not be forgotten in my presence. Instead it shall accelerate in the face of my own.

Whilst some believe that love fades, I believe that it forever grows deeper. In the face of challenges, I am asked to pull deep, and to confront those shadows within myself which prevent me from moving closer.

You inspire my own healing. You are my living, walking mirror. Reflecting the parts of myself that are so tender, I cannot stand bringing them into the light of day. Within your love I will lay my untruths at your feet, the lies and insults I have allowed to pierce my soul.

I will surrender myself fully to this love no matter the risk, for I have chosen to stay.



CherishOsborneCherish Osborne is an aspiring writer, blogger and healer who studied both Psychology and Social work in a former life. She is passionate about holistic healing and working with women to create the life of their dreams. Wander over and check out her blog.


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