The Rise Of The Warrior Goddess.



Sweet goodness, Goddess you know a lot. You know the difference between knowledge and what it means to really be knowing. Your knowledge of self-love is not merely theoretical.

No, you have actually experienced this glowing shimmer that envelopes you as you heal yourself, and you have encountered the greatness of soul that just is, you, me, everyone, and always beautiful.

Dear, you have practiced the art of letting go of self-judgment by watching your thoughts as if they were naughty, invading puppies. You have carefully and lovingly observed them, aware and detached. How many times have you read and listened to the calming words of the wise about tapping into the power of now?

You took them in, and they made you be and aware of sipping your tea in so much grace. Moments became flowers with a beautiful aroma. At times you felt like you were floating, and that mermaid tail that you so much wished you had as a little daydreamer, suddenly became real.

You became stronger with time and practice, with each asana and each meditation your true core started to expand like a lake getting nourished by the monsoon.

Yes, you worked on yourself!

You reopened old wounds that you thought had healed. You even found those which you didn’t even think existed because you ignored them so relentlessly. Being absolutely honest to yourself, getting to know those shadows, digging deep into and getting to the absolute bottom of them.

Getting sucked up in their dark vortex, suffering harder than ever, and then in the final gasp for truthfulness and release, allowing them to settle as a part of you. Invited and welcome, but with the same freedom simultaneously allowed to leave. That is the hardest work you have ever done. And the best.

But at times all the best and the good within gets blurred and shrinks. Everything that you thought you knew seems to hide away in the folds of the much larger darkness. Mounting suddenly in front of you, like a monster that came to eat you and your divine aliveness.

In those challenging times it seems far from easy to remember that you are like the still eye of the hurricane. The knowing, calm and strong center is being surrounded and swamped over with overlapping layers of whirling chaos. They hit in with unleashed and wild running emotion, with a sudden drop of airborne fear.

They paralyze you with the flickering tickle of your strangling anxiety, with skyrocketing jealousy that builds up to a baby tantrum and leaves you sitting in that puddle of mitigating shame. Or with that stabbing self-doubt which finds your weak spots of childhood memories stained with unworthiness.

And your little nagging judgments of yourself, your beloveds and the world, which hide so well in the mud.
 It may feel like you haven’t learned that much after all, and you’re still creeping around in that frustrating tight ego-shell, too tight to feel absolutely free. That absolute freedom which is your birthright. Which you have tasted.

Your wings, which you know exist with you, are real and have already proven your ability to fly. 
Once again you’re standing on that cliff, on the edge. Free-fall. Die or live. For living will be with stronger wings that will take you further and beyond. There will always be a new horizon.

Once you take that leap of faith that everything is in cosmic order, gratefulness swells slowly, intense and burning like the rising sun in the morning. Gratefulness arises for the hurdles, for your struggles, for your human mess.

Truth is, you’ll never run out of opportunities to learn and grow.

From the harsh and unfair,

the pain and suffering,

the evil and frightening,

the shame and doubt,

the dirty and damned,

the ugly and sly,

the unfulfilled desires and lusts,

the sick and dying,

the abandonment and heartbreak,

the madness and confusion.

Every bit of it is your own responsibility. Every minute of it is the road to freedom that you can choose to either drag along on, or to throw your hands in the air and dance joyfully with all your limbs. Wild and free. Because that’s who you are. You are a wild and free soul having a human experience.

And that soul expands with every downfall which is mastered and gets even wilder and freer, and true. That kind of true which sticks to you and lubricates you so well that life becomes smoother.

It is a fight, warrior goddess, but it’s a fight without fighting. Action without acting. The philosophy of Wei Wu Wei — an effortless going with the flow, taking the path of no resistance and letting go. It is a letting go of those self-limiting stories that you are telling yourself, of self-limiting beliefs that keep you encaged.

Letting go of that role of how you should be, put on you by others and society.

Letting go of wanting to be in control.

Letting go of wanting to be perfect.

And it leaves you glowing in the glorious light of your authentic self. Whole and complete. Embracing all the parts that make up all of you. Attuning to your new power.

Life is in constant flux — always — and the ease with which you adapt to change, the ease with which you accept circumstances that are not in your favor at first sight and sometimes even frightening, is how you transform yourself from being in struggle and fear to being in sweet ease and faith.

It helps you open up to new possibilities, to play with creativity and to induce healing. By embracing change instead of fighting, ignoring or stepping away from it, you can create a certain kind of ease and calm amidst all kinds of thunderstorms and monsters in your life.

You are at your center and reclaim your personal freedom. Moving away from being washed away as a helpless victim to being the powerful co-creator of your life. In every life there are doors available to help one find the way to being their true self, finding their divinity, their soul.

“The doors to the world of the wild Self are few but precious. If you have a deep scar, that is a door, if you have an old, old story, that is a door. If you love the sky and the water so much you almost cannot bear it, that is a door. If you yearn for a deeper life, a full life, a sane life, that is a door.” 
~ Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype

The doors are there, and it is up to you to choose which ones to open, much like Alice in wonderland. Life is a wonder, a fairy tale, a stage, a game, a play, a dance, a celebration if you only let it be.

If choosing joy and happiness becomes a natural response, a habit of a calm mind, it becomes a state of your being, and you could not be any healthier. The most beautiful thing about this is that you can shower this joy on others. It simply overflows and flows around and about, like a fragrance which inspires, nurtures, and heals.

Truly one of our greatest gifts is that we are never alone on our journey, and that we learn from each other in multitudes through every relationship that we have with others. There are always some dots to connect, even if we don’t feel it at first. Something to mirror and reflect your own paradoxes flavored with stardust.

And what a beauty to know and realize which power lies in sharing and speaking your truth at any given time.

For that is why we are put on earth — to wake up to our true-ness of soul, learn how to live it fully, realizing that we are much more than our mind and our bodies which are living in the illusion of separateness when we are nothing less than all of existence, one organism made out of stardust.

And we must be brave, open, trusting and giving to share our knowings with others.

Inevitably we are empowering and healing ourselves and simultaneously the world we are living in. There is no other option but to evolve for every one of us. Awakening the divine, the gods and goddesses inside of us.

We are a bunch of badass divine warriors on the rise, sprinkling goodness, kindness, love and other magic all around us.



SaritaJethaniaSarita Jethania is a flowing flower-child, a dreamy fairy-mermaid, a soulful creator of life/art, and a blissful yogini empowering others, herself and her connection to source on a day-to-day basis. Passionate about meditation and the power of now, she chooses to embrace her weirdness, to dance with her confusion and to comfort her lingering darkness. She is a vegan health expert, with a love for fruit and raw cakes in all colors and varieties. On her blog that she writes with her friends, you can read about her favorite vegan places all around the world, vegan recipes and vegan inspirations. She dreams of creating an alternative community in a tropical setting, offering holistic treatments, large fruit and vegetable gardens, treehouses, surfing, lots of art and writing workshops and everything that makes the soul come alive. She is currently living in London and would love to connect with you via Facebook or Instagram.



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