Individuals Of Oneness: The Compassionate Cosmic Heart.



Almost two years ago I was sitting in my car by the sea on a calm spring day. I had decided to spend the afternoon at my ‘office’ on the seafront.

With my fingers softly touching the keys of my laptop, a cry from a seagull caught my attention and for a moment I marveled at the beautiful ocean view, majestic Icelandic mountains to the right and the wide open sea to my left. Then a feeling of calm, yet some irritation swept my body and in a state of deep reflection I wrote the following.

Perhaps for healing. It has been there on my computer since, tucked away safely in a folder within a folder, within another folder. Now it’s coming up for air.


I feel like writing about Oneness, as it is a central theme to many of us who consciously walk a spiritual body-mind-heart path.

It is talked about a lot, and we incorporate the notion of Oneness into our worldly affairs, into our art, poetry, communications, and meditations and so forth, yet as we are divine beings having an earthly experience, awakening, remembering, we are having massive personality crisis.

It is preventing us from truly sensing Oneness, completely, wholly, with all our beingness.

We are passionate about allowing full expression of our-selves, liberating our creative sparks, birthing our uniqueness into this world as human beings, yet struggling with that side of our ego that feels either subordinate or superior, or simply wants to be definable. And all this within the context of Oneness.

It’s a conflict I would like to write about as I sense this conflict all around, within myself, and within my nearest and dearest in my spiritual community, where I’ve been hurt by it, quite badly actually.

Together with a brilliant mind and a compassionate heart, one’s ego/ the I, serves us. We know that deep inside. It is an inseparable part of who we are in this three-dimensional reality. I suppose we miss out on quite a lot if we focus solely on seeing our ego as a bad thing, something to make obsolete.

I guess we just need to talk about it more, accepting it as part of us, and that it can be our worst enemy. A healthy ego serves us and humanity and it may in fact be our greatest spiritual teacher. Perhaps to begin with, we could ask ourselves What is my ego? At least before we start just wanting it gone, dissolved.

Imagine Gandhi, Jane Goodall, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Oprah or John Lennon without an ego! Angels of now and past floating in the sky.


Perception Is Key: The Shift

It doesn’t matter who was first, who paved the way, who manages and who participates, who teaches and who studies!

What matters is, we are in this together. We are marching side by side, hand in hand, still holding up signs that read Make Love, Not War, now with increased intent, and raging fires in our hearts. Enough is enough, we declare that change is upon us.

Change is, and always has been, a part of what we know; change, evolution, transformation, transmutation, all these terms describe occurrences that happen over time, or at least have a time variable associated with it. Like processes of sorts, defined by phases, and are extra-linear in itself, if we choose to perceive it that way.

In this context, it’s evident that the world as we know it is constantly seeing changes.

In one form we call those evolution; from dinosaurs, to some versions of us living in caves, to agriculture, to trains, to space shuttles (to unconscious slaughtering of one another, our animals, becoming so disconnected with our true essence, our connection with nature, thinking true value is found in a luxury brand, paying no attention to the negative energy released by mass production or the effects of other manufacturing processes on the lives of millions of children and on our ecosystem which should become sustainable again if we are to thrive, yet instead we’re starting to resemble big-eyed puppets on a string, worrying if our hair looks nice!)

Phew! Well, that just came rolling out! Sorry about that, I just got a bit angry and sad all of a sudden at how we are treating each other and the world. I included, I’m just one of us, doing my best in my awakening process, actively taking baby steps each day toward a more conscious life style.

If we look at the big picture, the world truly is heading in the right direction. It certainly doesn’t seem that way from what the media tells us and how consumerism seems to be engulfing us Western societies.

Nevertheless, there are fewer crimes, murders, women can vote (yes, we weren’t allowed to 100 years ago!) and Obama is African-American, just, you know, in case someone hadn’t noticed that yet. Who would have thought that possible only a few decades ago? So yes, we are moving in the right direction!

Where was I? Yes, change! If we look at change and we omit the time variable, what are we left with? We are left with the concept of movement.

I’m starting to think that the concept change used on its own, in this now we are living today, may be perceived differently, that it can undergo a shift, as we are realizing by the numbers how restrictive time is to our cosmic awareness.

We are realizing there is no time. That the past, the now and the future are all entwined together in one big vacuum of mysteries. Time has aided us in defining what it is that we are here on Earth to learn as humans. Therefore we honor the concept of time, and of course that of change, as the truth is that we cannot just wait for change to happen.

To see change, we have to become that change as Gandhi taught us. But let’s not linger there, let’s move along the spiral…

It has also been said that What you resist, persists, and we know resistance to change is one of our biggest challenges. So to assist in the transition of us becoming the change, I believe we have to alter our perception of what change means to us. Dissolve the resistance by bringing it into daylight, letting light shine through it to clarify it.

Sit with it and explore it with our hearts. How do we want to perceive change from the standpoint of being lightworkers? How can we change change?

Movement describes a concept that incorporates far less resistance, hence works well within this timeless vacuum of mysteries in my opinion. We can see and sense change as one flowing movement.


Being The Movement

With all that said on the concepts of time, change and movement, allow me to flow back, repeat and rewrite the first paragraph, now with less resistance and more compassion, as the essence now incorporates movement, not change.

Old version: It doesn’t matter who was first, who paved the way, who manages and who participates, who teaches and who studies!

What matters is, we are in this together. We are marching side by side, hand in hand, still holding up signs that read Make Love, Not War, now with increased intent, and raging fires in our hearts. Enough is enough, we declare that change is upon us.

New version: It is irrelevant who was first, who paved the way, who manages and who participates, who teaches and who studies!

We are, and we exist together, as one. We are living and thriving side by side, hand in hand, as Individuals of Onenessvibrating the frequency of love with clear intent, and compassion in our hearts.

Our awareness and attention are moving in a spiral motion through the cosmic consciousness further and further away from war, guilt, fear, victim-hood, jealousy, and scarcity. We no longer recognize them as part of what defines us.

We are a shift in motion, tuning our individual frequencies to the frequency of the Compassionate Cosmic Heart, bringing about a Golden Age as we manifest peace, joy, wisdom, love, safety, and abundance in the world at large, sustained by our loving Mother Earth.


Having Consequence As An Individual

We all have a role to play in this beautiful artwork Life is. As lightworkers on Earth, we are all having a human experience in the now. We play out our different roles, each role wonderfully unique, the script found encoded in our own individual gifts.

From time to time, in the midst of the crazy dance life can become, whilst swirling and twirling around the great dance floor, we tend to lose track of Oneness and we start valuing each other differently, we forget that we are all equal and we forget that no one is worthier or lesser than another.

As humans we tend to forget that each and every one of us has consequence in this world. This is truth. It is not only those of us who act on a large-scale or partake in grand spiritual endeavors whose actions have consequences for the whole.

Yes, it is a blessing that you, me, we, have recognized our skills and courage to step forward and create, play with the forces of Spirit and matter for the greatest good, and yes, it is most certainly a very valuable and important creation, but please, let us still, always, remember our true nature of Oneness and humbleness.

You, me, we, individually, we do not have to take it as our sole responsibility, and decide to carry a huge onus on our shoulders, no matter how devoted we are, how spiritually important we think we are. The world will keep on spinning, and we aren’t alone, we are a family of lightworkers; Earth-inhabitants are all One tribe.

We can help each other out, as equally important links on a brilliant golden chain. The dog on the corner may even have an equally important spiritual task at hand, namely to be a companion to someone, or to evoke smiles.

On the other end of the stick, you, me, we, who think we don’t matter, we read, write, create, daydream in our own little corners, away from confrontation, perhaps a bit bitter, perhaps a bit afraid, yet relieved that we don’t have to be as magnificent and important as our radiant spiritual friends, teachers, movers and shakers in our community.

We need to remember who we truly are! We do not have to shy away from comparison by isolation, we are perfect just the way we are.

We do not have to step forward with great enthusiasm if it is not our path and passion to do so, but please, let us remember that no matter how small or subordinate you, me, we individually may think we are, we are all as equally important to the cycle of life. We are all equally precious to the mystery of creation. We all have consequence.

Every emotion, feeling, task or action counts and affects the world we live in with our vibration. It is all about choice, to choose how we want to live our lives, rearrange and reprogram our inner kingdom, what makes us feel happy, what creates harmony in our lives mentally, spiritually, emotionally.

Those inner states will reflect our outer realities; are we barely making ends meet or are we living in financial freedom, for example.

You, me, we, we don’t have to be someone to move. That is the fallacy which has held mankind paralyzed for hundreds of years. In truth, we are magnificent radiant beings who affect all life, and particularly so with our emotions and individual actions.

Therefore we should cherish that precious gift of individuality, that seed of infinite possibilities we carry inside, water it, see it grow and flourish, and allow our individual actions to benefit the greatest good of all concerned, for all of Earth and her inhabitants, flora and fauna (and wider if you chose to perceive it so), whether it is to build a home for the homeless, or to simply be in a happy mood on your own by the sea or in our roles as consumers.

When integrating this truth into our being, something happens to us. We start to feel, sense and see differently. Our lives start to flow differently, and we emanate a different kind of vibration than what we did before.

What’s happening to us is that we are starting to sense the beauty and frequency of Oneness, and the embrace of belonging. Our hearts are aligning with the Compassionate Cosmic Heart. We are remembering ourselves as Individuals of Oneness.


Harmonious Creation: The Magic Of Authentic Play

In the Now-age, we lightworkers bring to the table whatever it is we have to offer to the whole. Our offer is without a doubt based on our own unique skills and wisdom, and crafted by our past doings, achievements, encounters and revelations. Or not!

Whichever it may be, we respect it and are thankful for each expression of wisdom offered, in whichever form it is. Who is irrelevant. Self-importance is a word we do not identify with as Individuals of Oneness. What matters is that we as individuals love our unique offering, and that communicating that offering fuels our happiness and radiance.

Our authenticity is an expression of the love we have for our heart-based co-creation. In harmony we play! Our offering may be a cure, a solution, a relief, support, healing or some other aiding tool for another human being that he or she was not aware of before you came along.

Confidence and self-belief, self-worth, are words we identify with in the Now-age. When integrated into our belief system, they release immense power and accelerate our growth!

Each lightworker innately carries within his or her heart, deep-rooted reverence and gratitude to other lightbearers of the past, present and future, for their willingness to move, regardless of their roles.

We are thankful to all of us who recognize ourselves as lightworkers, who every day seek courage to radiate, to dare to care, and to move with the living energies within and around us.

The beauty here lies in the gratitude. We are utterly thankful towards each other, for remembering our greatness and bringing it into daylight, in whichever form or deed, vibration it’s in. We don’t need to get stuck in who did or does what, who plays a more important role, etc.

What we truly long for is to move along the spiral, to be the movement, as Individuals of Oneness. To support each other no matter the age or status, by enforcing the goodwill of each other with the strength of our own light.

And that is why we don‘t mind anymore who did, does, or will do what, as it is absolutely irrelevant, and more importantly because the Minding-the-who facade slows us down. Minding-the-who game restrains us with heavy energy, the playing fields being one big swamp, where it’s easy to get stuck.


Encouraging Gratitude

One way of preventing us from getting stuck in Minding-the-who swamp, is being conscious of how and from where we are giving compliments and praises to one another. This may seem a bit strange to be mentioning, or outside of the scope, or over-analytical of me. One might think What harm can a little praise do? If so, please allow me to continue, this will unfold.

My view is that we cannot cage ourselves in acts of superfluous praising anymore, or get stuck in superlative adjectives like best, prettiest, strongest. These praises and adjectives pertain to the outer world of a person. Even though the praising comes from a place of compassion, it still flirts with the sense of self of the person receiving the praise.

And what is wrong with that? one might ask? Well, it veils the truth from the awakening Individual of Oneness, keeps him or her from remembering his heart-song, his sacred offerings. Those gifts have nothing to do with outer appearances or stature.

There is a huge difference between praising, as in the act of being encouraging, and praising for the sake of being nice.

The latter usually revolves around complimenting looks, ergo boosting each other’s confidence based on appearances or individual deeds, ergo keeping us stuck in a rut, at the surface, away from delving into the core of our inner selves, where our authenticity dwells.

From within authenticity, from within the core of our being, is where we start harmonizing with the world at large, with all of life and all of creation. When we reach that place, we start moving with Oneness, aiding humanity, co-creating a harmonious sustainable world.

That is why it is so important we embark on our own individual healing journey, and that we have the courage to go deep, as to emerge whole and complete within this cycle.

My suggestion is not to stop giving each other praises and compliments, of course not, we are wise to allow beautiful words flow between each other, words are potent with magic and healing abilities, and can have enormous effects on our well-being. But like with everything else, just to be conscious of the praising.

Is the praising, the granting of rewards, the worshiping, encouraging or its opposite? When we think the praising is bringing us closer together because it is showing affection to one another, could it be an illusion?

Could it in fact be keeping us as a species more separated, because it steers us away from communicating on a deeper level with one another, where we show authentic care in a state of gratitude for the existence of another?

I have such a strong opinion about this because I believe we can get caught up in this game of the mind! The heart needs no reassurance that it is in fact a heart, and that it gives out positive vibration, a strong pulse every single second of each day of our lives. It just beats! It doesn’t even get a Thank You, from most of us at least.

Being caught up in the game of praising and giving out medals to people, those acts may make you, the Individual of Oneness, feel superior or subordinate and that feeling belongs to the old cycle. You know within your heart you are neither! It is a budding blossom of wisdom within your own heart that needs to be watered and cared for.

Encouraging words of wisdom and gratitude is the way forward. I say, be inspired by the good deeds, and listen carefully to words of wisdom, take them in, and integrate them into our own being for the betterment of humanity. Join hands with the people behind the deeds, and pay it forward, as we know We are Them.

Make every reward ceremony be an act of supporting the whole. Use the attention to move as a whole, and be encouraging for the whole, to inspire the Individual of Oneness to follow his or her dreams and that together we can make the world an even greater place.

Does the Goddess need to hear she is beautiful? I think not. She really doesn’t care if she is beautiful or not! Sometimes she is really ugly. And why is that? Because she vibrates energies in which every visible form she chooses. That‘s a point for thought.

Of course one might argue that beauty/ugliness is one form of vibrating energy, and I do agree. But that is a topic for another article.


We Are Pure Light By Nature.

What we truly want for ourselves and others is to be treated well and respectfully, to be shown tenderness and mindfulness. Each fragment of our world is a reflection of another. We reflect each other, so it is wise to be much more respectful of each other, and each other’s emotions and life lessons.

We are emotional beings, and although we really do aspire to become very balanced and easy-going individuals, we are still learning and having an earthly experience where we still feel fear deeply, and judge, and compare as a result of that fear, and begin to blame and feel shame.

Therefore I believe it is evident that we need much more encouragement and support from one another. Let’s consciously move along the spiral.

To show support on an individual basis could be to gradually focus more and more on being kind and loving toward one another, to show much more care and to share with each other.

I believe Facebook was an awesome invention for connecting with like-minded people, get inspired and be expressive, but I really believe that Facebook has done much damage to closer friendships.

Our capacity for truly nurturing our friendships, for showing each other the attention and action needed to keep a good relationship healthy and rewarding, has its limits. That‘s just the way it is.

Now, when engaging on Facebook, our attention is scattered all over the place. So the sad thing is that either we start neglecting our nearest friends, or our communication starts lacking the depth it used to have, it becomes almost superficial.

In hindsight, it is much richer to get a warm five-minute phone call from a friend than to get a heart on one‘s wall. Remember, L-O-V-E on its own is just a word! I urge you to ponder that for a moment.

Another great way of showing universal support on an individual basis is to become consciously active, whether active means moving one‘s energy quietly watching the birds, communicating with nature with your family, calling the tribes together, or inventing a new economy for the new world that is awakening.

In simpler terms, just the beautiful act of being consciously connected to the Compassionate Cosmic Heart. However small or big the deed, it is the same anyway.

By showing more support and encouraging gratitude toward one another, we are relieving ourselves from superfluous praising that keeps us hiding in the shadows of our true radiance. Let’s move swiftly, yet graciously, into our true power and authenticity.

Isn’t hierarchy a thing of the past? Isn’t spiritual hierarchy just as much a thing of the past?

It would be great for the world at large and generations to come if we would all have the courage to shine our brightest light, whether it would involve giving an inspirational speech to thousands of people, or simply having the courage to show the person next to us kindness and warmth. There is no scale. When choosing one, we‘re choosing all.

That‘s the magic of Oneness. Therefore we can stop worrying about making wrong choices. The fruit we pick will always be from the same Eden!

To sum it all up, my question is this: In the new cycle, has stature perhaps become irrelevant, obsolete? Is now the time we start believing in our greatness and radiance as Individuals of Oneness without needing the recognition to follow, or without the fear of failure?

Can we delve deeper, support one another with encouraging gratitude, without getting caught up in minding-the-who game?

I once read this beautiful quote: “Happiness without reason is the ultimate freedom”. How powerful! My wish for us all is that we reach a place within, a place of cooperation where there is no room for scarcity or competition, where there is no fear, only love. Where self-importance, or lack of self-worth is no longer.

Where we know our unique gifts are precious and we don’t need anyone to approve of them to feel good about ourselves, or to feel worthy. To be sincerely happy in our own skin, in our own lives, without reason.

Poet Percy Bysshe Shelley once wrote, “I want to sing as birds sing, not worrying who hears and what they think”. How this sentence truly moves me, and empowers me today.

My wish for us is that our passionate drive for creating does not come from a craving for individual recognition, or sense of ownership, but from a humbler place from within the heart, the Compassionate Cosmic Heart, where we know we need each other’s unique gifts to be able to thrive and blossom as Individuals of Oneness, on our beautiful Mother planet.

My wish is that we remember our essence of pure light, and that our individuality, our personality here on Earth is an expression of that light, thereby, intrinsically, truly magnificent and radiant.



HelgaSoleyHelga Sóley, Woman of Vision, is a passionate entrepreneur of heart and soul, CEO of her family business, Illumination, and founder of Eagle Woman Global, a sacred space for spiritual ‘femme-preneurs’. She is a poet and a writer, native to Iceland — the land of alchemy, fire and ice, magic and manifestation. Her vision is that of a flourishing world where opposites attract in playful peace and harmony, creating bliss, beauty and bounty. Her debut poetry book, Songs of Anu, is available on Amazon, and you can find her on Facebook and her website.


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