Ocean, Great Mother, Wild Temptress

She calls to me, I yearn for her depth, I long for her intensity

I fear the creatures lurking under her cover

One day she may be a source of play, laughter and open wild abandon

On another day she may be a force of utter destruction,

Unknowingly swallowing up life,

Tearing apart families

and shattering love innocently

Great Mother, a calm surface hiding another plane of existence

Underneath her protective cover

Beauty and honesty flow,

Wrath, joy and salvation lie in her bosom

Songs of worship flow

through eternity for her

Ocean, portal, teacher, lover, friend, dominatrix

What secrets are still hidden within?

As I stare at her, I look within

I remember, I revive, I re-imagine

What mystery lies within me?

What wonder lies within the other?

How can I hold this unattainable energy?

How may I open to the force of a tsunami?

Do I fear it?  Will I run from it?

Or will I allow the wisdom contained

Within each cell to follow as it is guided?


The Ocean has her own flow

I open to that bounty within

I touch, I listen, I cry, I laugh and I dance

As I watch her waves dance at my feet, coming and going

I remember

I behold

I surrender

I sit and listen, waiting for my own wave to come

That tide that pulls me where I need to be

I may have had other plans, yet then the weather shifts,

and all plans change

Carried away to a new shore

Discovering an island I never knew existed

I lie back in the raft I was sent out in

Sent out beyond the ninth wave

I lie back and try to keep my nose and mouth above water

I release all need to know where I am going

I allow the ocean to take me where she will.

What land will I arrive at?

On what continent?

I realize somehow it is beyond my control

All of a sudden the Sun penetrates me,

Warming my weary bones

All of a sudden the dolphins appear,

Bringing me fish from the sea

Then as I lie back,

I open to the entire ocean

I give myself to the wild mistress,

What will she do with me?

I realize I no longer worry

An opening appears, and I see the universe expanding

Guiding, holding, caressing

She gazes into my eyes, and I remember I am home

Not in the home I imagined

I am in the home I remember

The sacred basin that existed infinitely

beyond imagination

Down in her depths

In the canyons that light cannot penetrate…

Life exists

In the reefs, life flourishes

In the open, life competes

In the shallows, life plays

In the clouds, life shape-shifts

In the waves, life circulates

Beyond comprehension, beyond logic,

There is a dance

A raw savage beauty, a painful ecstasy

May I open to her wisdom?

May I touch her kiss?

May her salt clean my wounds,

Preserve my food,

And amplify the flavors of my life.


Eve MitchellEve Mitchell is a woman who has spent her lifetime working to heal herself, and others, from the destruction of our inner wisdom, joy and authentic experience of connection. She has spent the last seven years swimming the ocean of balancing motherhood to two sons, struggling to balance making a living as a Holistic Health Practitioner, and being an activist in the capitol of California, in the center of politics.  She has recently jumped off the cliff and published a collection of her intimate poetry pieces from her private journals, along with her artwork, that shares a story of the odyssey her life has been going from a single mom of toddlers on welfare to a controversial, passionate leader who now has two adolescent sons who are sharing their own voices.  She has published this book in the hopes that it will inspire others, and assist them in their own healing and growth in this crazy, fast-paced modern world. You can find her book, A Healer’s Journey Out of the Shadows, on Amazon.


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