Rising Above Your Enemies: How Real Rebellion Actually Works.

I cannot begin to describe the deep phase of healing we have been traversing collectively: as a human whole intertwined with the plant and animal kingdoms, and with what we have seen in our inner worlds in the past several months.

Look at yourself at the beginning of August and look at yourself now. Can you see and feel the differences and shifting energies? Yes, I know. Sometimes there is pain and suffering associated with such growth. This is true. And there is no quick fix. There are tools to aid your vibration, helping you to align with source energy.

But, ultimately to stay in that state of peace requires work on your part. Your healing has to do with your ability to transcend the limits of the three-dimensional Earth plane, and vibrate unto a higher, expansive awareness. Up there is where you see truth, and it is easier to understand what is and what isn’t from that spiritual vantage point.

And in this moment of vastly shifting energies, where we are growing up and out of our old selves, I want to discuss the idea of the enemy.

You know those people who are always fighting? Perhaps it’s a young woman just out of an emotionally abusive relationship incessantly and automatically reacting with combative, unrelenting stances, vigilantly defending herself.

She sees it as an empowering take-no-shit attitude, but it comes off as angry, because anger and fear of vulnerability are what lie beneath the false empowerment. She is still fighting her past abuser, without the self-awareness that she is projecting her unresolved pain onto everyone else.

Or perhaps it is the overly righteous vegan, slamming everyone with violent messages of death and slaughter because they have seen their light and cannot understand why everyone else cannot see light in the way that they do.

This quest is guised in balance and progress, but underneath it all is self-loathing for who that person used to be, and a deeply hidden lack of compassion for themselves and others. And so, all they see in the world as lack of compassion is an outward projection of their unresolved issues.

Maybe it’s the young woman who has been sexually violated, and fights for the rights of women and children, and in her path, becomes bitter, resentful and hateful towards all men. Now, all of these people have a right to seek justice. All of these cases warrant attention and healing.

And there is nothing wrong with empowerment, teaching compassion, or uplifting others. I am all for it. I love it! And yet, I tend to see people who are meaning well, fall subject to the same energies of darkness they are trying to avoid.

Instead of leading by example and focusing on their individual enlightenment, they attack externally, which places them on the opposing end of the dark energy they seek to destroy. And do you know why?

Attack energy, in any form, for any cause, just or unjust, is dark and spiritually insane. So very often, underneath the valiant quest to fight all the bad guys is one very dark energy: revenge.

Some of us do not even realize that we are driven by revenge.

“Oh yeah, I’ll show you!” and off you go. You build a company. You start a project. You fund-raise a campaign. You write your script. But you encounter obstacles and difficulties, and it doesn’t go as smoothly and easily as Abraham-Hicks says it will. Of course, building anything epic has its hurdles.

But when you begin to create from a vibrational point of attraction that harbors revenge, and that thread of energy stays with you, you will not win. Oftentimes there is an unconscious commitment to revenge.

This unconscious commitment may be forming an alliance with darkness that is keeping you bound to heaving life circumstances and a roller coaster of flow and poor luck. You are not creating from love, but from darkness.

You do not attract your heart’s desires, a sense of fulfillment, perfect job, money and love, from attacking what you do not want or being angry at the fact that you don’t have it. Ideally, you pay no attention to the vibrations you do not desire, and easily settle into to the vibrations of goodness, gently floating into that which you do want.

It’s like choosing the battle of swimming upstream, and calling yourself a warrior fighting the good fight, or easily flowing downstream, paying no attention to the battle. That river leads to an ocean of fulfillment.

You may be thinking, “But how can you just ignore all the injustice of the world, and go about your business?” And to that I would say, there is no amount of suffering, anger or negativity that can in any way transmute a tragedy. None. This is not the way to uplift. Only pure love can do this.

You serve those stricken with darkness only when you are in alignment with love and source energy. In this state, only good things come to you and come out of you. Your creations and ideas then come from divine inspiration.

All of these cases of justly angered people I’ve previously described, are looking for an enemy outside themselves because they are holding onto anger and revenge. They are seeking to change what they cannot control. And it’s futile.

They will continue to see injustice outwardly until they can look upon their enemies with love, and trust that ignorance has it’s place in the evolution of humanity. It is control energy, to be angry at others for not understanding what you now understand.

The Illuminati, religious extremists, your parents, your jailor, your ex-spouse, ISIS, perpetrators, evil aliens, or anyone else you perceive as having hurt you or caused you to suffer through abuse and violence — all of them were and are attracted to you to highlight an unresolved false belief vibrating in your field, creating an unresolved alliance with darkness.

That doesn’t mean that bad things happening is always your fault. The child who is born into an abusive household had a soul contract to subject themselves to denser, lower vibrations to learn some of the hardest lessons a human can learn.

Usually, the first lessons from harsher life circumstances is about shifting your vibrational state from victimhood to empowerment. But even more important, the giant hit-you-in-the-face spiritual reality of a lesson that comes after the empowerment stage, is forgiveness, acceptance and love for those who have harmed us.

The higher lesson becomes about letting go of revenge and putting down the sword. Usually those subject to harsher conditions have the power to reach the highest capacities of love, if they choose the spiritual path.

At a certain point, and despite our chosen life circumstances, we choose whether or not we want to express our vocation to the world through anger, attack and fear, or love, compassion and grace. Source energy, the part of you that is the all-that-is, knows no anger, revenge, attack, hate, bitterness, etc.

When you are aligned with Source, you do not experience these base virtues, nor do you attract them. It is impossible. Darkness serves as our teacher in order for us to become more loving and balanced. Some of you may experience resistance to that statement. But I promise you on my life, that it is true.

When something undesirable occurs in your world, I would invite you to ask, “Hmm, why did I attract this?” as opposed to “Why did this happen to me?” I have more experience with darkness and the human condition than I’d like to admit as a healer, and yet it’s the very reason why I do what I do.

I am a powerful healer because I understand darkness as much as I do light. And because of my work, I’ve had to study duality intimately, as it manifests through humans and in the metaphysical world, affecting the globe as well as individuals in the lower four dimensions of the astral plane.

We must all understand fully this one concept, to move towards healing: Divine love is the only way out of the hell you see around you.

It is impossible to change the world by looking outside of yourself. In fact, not only is it impossible, it is arrogant and irrational. You must start within. And if there is darkness vibrating within you somewhere, even if it is at a deeply unconscious level, I would say to you, sit down to tea with your demons and ask yourself some very difficult questions.

What would you do to the men who rape women? Would you fight them and murder them in cold blood, with the same energies they are using to inflict violence? When I first asked myself this question, my answer was dark until I meditated with this idea for several days.

What would you do to all the Big Agra bigwigs poisoning our food and our children’s food to keep us sick and make more money? Would you line them up and poison them in vengeance? Would you choose revenge as a reaction to violence? Whether or not we are comfortable with our answers, revenge is darkness.

Would you rather die a peaceful angel or live as a dark rebel?

The darkness you experience outside of yourself serves to simply highlight the darkness within you. And the consciousness we bring to the process of understanding contrast and the experience of duality, is ultimately our freedom.

The more comfortable you are, with all aspects of yourself, the less anything outside you is a bother. People don’t bother you. Traffic doesn’t bother you. Bad luck doesn’t bother you. The homeless man shitting on the subway tracks doesn’t bother you.

In fact, you will bloom into a lotus of compassion, strong enough to absorb violent energies around you, because you exist in a vortex of love. Darkness simply dissolves in the wake of what is holy. Choose to be holy. Love all for where they are. It is only our belief that darkness has great power which causes it to maintain its hold over our lives.

Thinking about, talking about, and attacking that which you do not want only aligns you further into the energy of the undesired.

You cannot change anyone. You cannot have compassion for violent people unless you fully accept yourself. Before you can deal with anyone else without facade and masks, you must understand that the enemy is within.

And know that your highest evolution is that of a being who is loving, and relentlessly compassionate towards all life, no matter how un-evolved the other person appears to be in this growth game we call Earth life. Sometimes our greatest soul mates are playing roles as our enemies, so that we may rise above the illusion of circumstance.

We must spread peace by being peace. We must create loving energy by aligning with spiritual energy. And it gives all the more meaning, from a vibrational perspective, to the phrase, “Love Thine Enemy”. Let us live this reality.



KalisaAugustineKalisa Augustine is a certified Crystal Light Bed Practitioner trained in Intuitive Communication, Mediumship, Sound Healing, Crystal Release Therapy, Soul Retrieval, Chromeo Therapy, Magnet Therapy & Spirit Attachment, with a focus on the curation of energetic flow and harmony. As a natural healer in New York City, Kalisa uses a combination of vibrational therapies and shamanic technique to balance the multidimensional body and purify the energy system. Kalisa is trained to teach Kundalini Yoga and Meditation via Golden Bridge in NYC, and studied Toltec and European Shamanism via the Toltec Center of Creative Intent in Austin, Texas. She currently lives in Brooklyn, NY with her daughter Helena. Through her work and lifestyle as a single mother, feminist, shaman, writer and entrepreneur, Kalisa hopes to replace what is perceived as ‘mysticism’ with knowledge. When mysticism is replaced with knowledge, fear is dispelled, and we are more open to the power of healing. You could contact her via her website.


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