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A Call From Shakti — The Divine Feminine.

{Photo credit: Joe Cogliandro}

{Photo credit: Joe Cogliandro}

This reflection comes from the inspiration to meet my highest potential, and the need to awaken a part of myself that has been forgotten and ignored by the world around me: the erstwhile dormant aspect of my Feminine essence. Shakti, the female principle of Divine Energy.

No matter your background, beliefs or color of your skin. No matter your religion, political ideas or social status.

It doesn’t matter to me if we agree or not in the vision we have of this world… or if you were born in a man’s or a woman’s body.

I know you can relate, because it is in you as it is in me.

Because like you, I have felt in my skin the burning question of my identity, my true identity.

I suffer from the dilemma of playing the role of a woman that I was told to be while feeling like the woman that I am.

Like you, on more than one night I have cried in the darkness of loneliness, unable to call for the warmth of help because it would question my strength. The strength that I was told was the true power of a strong independent woman.

Like you, I am clearing the path of my existence from the old dead societal patterns, which, like leaves in autumn, had started to decompose.

I too felt the need to break away from it all, and flow with the natural urge of my dormant warrior, to take action and burst free… and I wish to do it while embodying the priestess aspects of my infinite potential, my real Feminine power, and not trying to reinvent a Masculine model that does not fit my soul.

In my journey, I have found the courage to claim my sovereignty and say a clear Fuck that to anybody trying to impose their belief systems on me, or trying to limit my ferocity and need to run wild. To say a clear No to anyone who attempts to cover up my bare feet or hang a title from my neck.

To raise my voice even when I have been told to shut up, questioning a culture that suppresses the natural manifestation of femininity in its deepest aspects.

I found the courage to be vulnerable, to let my softness find the solutions that this hard world could not find. To let my intuition guide me when my rational mind seems to be lost. To allow my senses to feel, and long for beauty to impregnate all I create. I found the courage to love unconditionally and let the fear of separation go.

And very often, as I am sure you can relate, I find doubts, inside of myself and coming from the world around. Because we are stepping out of a path that has been walked on for thousands of years… and the unknown scares us all…


{Photo credit: Joe Cogliandro}

Today I am sure that our untamable spirits have the total support and blessing of our grandmother lineages. I am sure that the souls of thousands of women through history are behind us, infusing our paths and our hearts with their wisdom, their inspiration, and the true knowledge of our powerful feminine essence.

I feel them whispering to my heart with the encouraging voice that gives me strength in moments of doubt.

We didn’t choose to come into this world during easy times. But we have chosen to be born in a time when we can make a real shift happen. Continuing the work of many women and men throughout history on the path of liberating the true Feminine essence.

Our path of sisterhood, and our walk towards a conscious and empowered life, is helping this planet to regain balance. And at the same time, I feel It is the next step on the stairway of human evolution.

We have claimed the right to vote; we have claimed our bodies and our place in society, our voices. Now, we are claiming the feminine, to be truly and deeply understood. First by ourselves and our brothers, then infusing this new understanding of the Feminine in our societies.

We are remembering the ancient ways of intuition. We are reconnecting with the compassionate and creative energy of the Goddess, and realizing there are other ways to deal with our reality that we have ignored.

The more compassionate, intuitive and creative problem-solving ways — ways that are not solely focused on material and tangible goals alone.

A paradigm that we are now rediscovering, one that is far from what the Feminine has been relegated to be in the past two thousand years.

A paradigm that we need to assume if we wish to restore balance.

Because by stripping our society and beliefs of their Feminine wisdom, the Masculine has become unbalanced.

Without the fertile, creative Goddess energy, civilization forgot the reason to battle, and continues battling without reason. Humanity forgot the intention behind evolution, and continues evolving without intention.

Without the compassion and love that the Divine Feminine brings, there is only unfocused direction that has forgotten the true meaning behind its actions. Distraction has taken over our lives, and the desperate run for development and productivity has been killing our planet.

Women and men have had no choice but to play the roles that were imposed on us, and to try to restrict our infinite potential to limited models.

But the day has come when both men and women are finding a path back to the Shakti energy and what She brings to our wholeness as human beings.

A work that requires our full presence, because intuition, love, creativity, compassion, and true wisdom, have no price in a world built up around monetary values.

With my words today, I wish to remind us: maybe our unfitting personality is actually a gift.

We are rediscovering true balance, inside our selves and in our lives.

We are not too much. We are exquisite abundance in a world that is still tuned into lack. We have to keep reminding ourselves that we are always provided for.

We are not inappropriate. We have heard the ancient call of the Goddess, the song of the sacred priestess, and are owning our body, our joy, and our immense sexual power. Remembering the healing potential and true wisdom within our body energy. The power of emotional intelligence.

We are not crazy, unstable, or ungrounded. Our system just can’t stay in tune anymore with the low frequencies of some parts of our society.

We felt trapped in the artificial rules, and have shifted our lives towards the natural laws.

We don’t have to stop dreaming, instead we listen to our dreams since they are a direct channel for the eternal wisdom of our higher self.

Since we have learned the immense power within to co-create our reality and allow ourselves to go for the best possible one, we can be perceived as naive. But we know that it works, we see it happen.

We aren’t too impulsive; our life is governed by authenticity and braveness in a world ruled by fear and doubt.

To settle down or be normal doesn’t quite work for us because we are creating new realities, new ways to solve the unquestionable failures of the old patriarchal paradigm.

We are exploring and experiencing, so this world can move forward.

Without motion, there is no evolution.

The world needs our unique gift.

When truly known, the Creatrix essence in us can hold enough power to assume full responsibility of our reality, and we can make real change happen.

We are unleashing our highest potential, tapping into the abundance that is our birthright, and raising our voices unwaveringly when injustice takes over.

We are ready to reconnect with our intuition and love unconditionally.

Our untamable spirits have been set free to be who they truly are, embracing our wholeness, integrating the Masculine and Feminine in us.

I see who You really are, and today the real I wants to acknowledge it.


wp-content-uploads-2015-06-laylaelkhadriArtist and journalist, Layla El Khadri has traveled the world, gathering and learning creative ways of living a conscious life and diving deep into the art of self-discovery. She has made it her mission to empower others to live to their fullest potential, to unleash the artist inside and own their lives back. You could contact her via her website.


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