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The Fairy Tale We Dream Of Is Now.

As soon as you stop carving through the caverns of your soul, trying to find something more, the world, and all of its high hopes and searches for meaning, will simply cease to exist. We will walk around, empty shells under the palm trees of delusion that this picture of paradise is all we have  ...

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Christ, Christmas & Christ Consciousness.

What would make me think America was truly exceptional? If one of its vainglorious political, civic or religious leaders would have stood up and said, “In light of the fact that so many of our fellow citizens are living in poverty this season, I propose that instead of giving one another lavish  ...

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you & me

To Have And To Hold: I Am Not A Machine.

I’ve never said this out loud to another person before. I’ve been struggling lately, and noticing my desire for comfort. To just be next to someone and be held. I’ve never wanted it before. Or maybe I haven’t let myself want it, but I do want it.

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