Follow Your Dreams In This Upcoming Year Of Completion.

Hello, 2016. Hello to sun rays, warm embrace of nature’s beauty, stillness, simplicity and being at peace.

Another year has gone by, where life continued on with society on the edge of fury, noise, anger, and making me have an increase of wanting more of nature. I spent time with the stars, taking their portraits along with the Moon, Venus, Mars and the big guy, Jupiter. The simplicity of the night skies called to me this past year.

The quietude of wonder in the stillness of the great vast horizons whispered to me many nights this past year. We got news from Pluto this year with love in a heart shape on the surface. What a guy! The energies of Pluto push us more toward ourselves, facing our truths.

“The Dance.
Nature’s music and moves grace us with the perfect plan for living…
Filled with motions and colors….
Balanced and filled with love, friendship and vision. 
Embrace the beauty of nature and allow yourself to live in its splendor.”

I know I let go of a few stories and situations not really working in my favor, and I survived. I know that I trust more after this past year. Trust myself with the uncertainty and unknown in my life, as I trust my soul does know the right way.

I am okay with myself now, having lost a few chips on my shoulders and finally being okay with the hard lessons of the last 15 years. I choose to take this path, and what an amazingly bizarre path it has been.

I recently wrote up one of those stories for Eric Francis’ Vision Quest yearly readings. My story is about this dream/vision I had when I was 13. All the lessons, people and places in that dream I lived, including finding my invisible friend as a child is a real person.

And he is living his dreams that we spoke about while listening to music as we sat on my bed. It is an incredible moment to realize just how much you have lived your dreams and didn’t realize it until you take that moment with silence, with your heart and soul, and listen to their whispers.

Those whispers to the Universe have made me take steps towards the unknown, while knowing it will be a better space for me.

I have made decisions, and in this year of completion coming up, it is all about completing unfinished things like projects I spoke to many people about… though some I have no interest in now. I will weed out more and clear the decks with the ones with passion still in the heart of them.

Passion is the goal of 2016 for me. To live more completely with passion, and share the love of life I have in a multitude of forms and ways that I can.

That is my true self speaking and knowing I have a good kind heart to assist people with their plan for this year. I do have a passion for coaching and supporting others’ dreams and seeing them thrive.

At the end of the childhood dream, which I haven’t completed yet, I sat in a rocking chair with a book in my lap, surrounded by the brightest light and feeling totally loved, supported and in the right place. That simplicity of the stars was with me and I had made it to that heart space reality.

In this year of completion, knowing life is not completed, but experienced and perceptive, I hope to spend more time with the stars to learn more of their secrets on simplicity with shining bright as a guide.

Steering with an aim to be more like the stars seems like a beautiful goal to me.

Happy New Year!

May this year, 2016, clear your mind so your heart has more of your attention while you listen to your soul’s whispers.


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Jennifer Hillman
Jennifer Hillman is a writer, intuitive life coach, Reiki master and NLP practitioner. The sensual side of her personality embraces a vulnerable, nurturing truth with a strong determination, mixed with the fragility of the feminine. Acknowledging the essence of her powerful inner Goddess has been an ongoing process. Her writing is reflective of this process and inner growth. She shares more of her writing on her site, < She has two books of poetry published in her Embracing Souls series, "Poetry of the Dance, Vol. One" and "Words of the Heart". Her radio show Abstract Illusions Radio , on and YouTube, explores and celebrates the creative human potential. Connect with Genevieve/Jennifer on Facebook and Twitter.
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