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The Crippling Pursuit Of Purpose, And 3 Steps To Find Yours.

When working with my clients, one of the biggest doubts that I come across is whether or not the work they are doing is aligned with their soul purpose.

Hell, even I wonder if I am on purpose or not some days!

It can create a gnawing feeling deep in your belly that is often brushed over or swept under the carpet whilst you push on with your day, your life.

Or, alternatively, you find yourself chopping and changing jobs, lifestyles, and even hairstyles, to try and find a sense of identity and get into the groove of your purpose.

However this worry of not being on purpose manifests for you, it’s really not doing you any favors, and it’s time to meet the beast head-on because whilst you waste all your energy wondering what your purpose is, spending money on discovering it, or going round in circles trying to find it under the kitchen sink, you are putting your life on hold.

Yes, searching for your purpose can become a self-fulfilling prophecy of never finding it. If you are in a constant state of believing you aren’t on purpose, guess what, you’re going to feel that way.

And while you feel that way, your life is passing you by, each moment that you can be immersed in the beauty of nature, the excitement of living, the joy of connection, is sliding past you while you bite your nails and wonder if you’re doing it right.

Don’t beat yourself up though, it is more common than you think, and you are most certainly not alone in this.

If you want to alleviate this perpetual feeling of being lost or confused about what you should be doing, you’ll first need to get past the idea that striking gold and finally having your hallelujah moment will change your life and make everything hunky-dory. It won’t.

Instead, adopt these new views on purpose and on life, and a lot will change for you and how you choose to engage with the time that you have here on Earth.


1. Your purpose was realized as soon as you were conceived and born.

Huh? Really?


The true reason for your existence was to experience life on Earth from your perspective. It doesn’t really matter what you do while you’re living; as long as you are living; you’re doing what the Universe needs you to do.

In fact, you could sit in front of the TV for the entire 80-plus years of your life and still be on purpose.

But where would the fun in that be, and don’t you feel like you want to do more with your life, make a difference, be someone of importance maybe? Well, that’s where point 2 comes in…


2. We all have a calling, whether we follow it or not.

We each have a unique set of interests and talents, and we can choose to use them or not. And most importantly: we all have dreams.

Dreams aren’t there to be ignored, you have desires and dreams so that you have a reason to engage in the experience of life, explore its width and depth, as well as its length.

When we start to strive for a dream, or move towards something we want, we inevitably learn something about ourselves, and in doing so, expand our consciousness and contribute further to the Universe’s ultimate goal of full expansion.

But what about those times when things change, goal posts move, you change your mind or don’t want to put so much energy into that dream anymore? It doesn’t seem so desirable and you want to focus on something else entirely?

Good! This is also part of understanding your purpose.


3. The end result is always changing, which means the end result isn’t really what you’re striving for.

Imagine if you had a goal or dream to start a charity and build a school in a third world country. Fast forward two years and you’ve achieved your goal, popped open the champagne and reveled in the moment — for all of five minutes… now what?

Naturally you set another goal, dream another dream, and get going on the road to achieving it. However, people who wonder whether they are on purpose or not are missing the point: it’s not about that end goal, it’s about the journey to getting it.

Your true purpose is to find joy, beauty, and feel grateful for the present moment. Happiness, fulfillment and purpose are not at the end of some imaginary rainbow; they are right here, right now, reading these words, mowing the lawn, brushing your teeth, breathing in fresh air.

Your purpose is in how you do what you do each day, in why you do what you do each day. Your purpose is about intention, and how you then go about bringing that intention to life.

Because when you are living life in this manner, you will start to feel absolutely amazing, and not for one moment will you worry about whether you are on purpose or not, because you will be so present with each moment, so enraptured with how you show up in your life, that wondering whether you are doing it right won’t even cross your mind.

Remember that your existence is enough, and whatever else you do within that existence is contributing to the expansion of the Universe. You get to choose what you do, how you feel about it, and who you impact — that is the beauty of purpose: it’s yours and you get to sculpt it however you want.


FifiScarlettMillsFifi Scarlett Mills is a creative writer and intuitive business mentor, and in the last year has been working with women in particular to discover their innate power and then express it out into the world. Having come from a corporate background and then moved into specializing in small businesses, Fifi uses her unique knowledge of the spiritual realm and psychological research to guide her clients to fulfilling their perfect version of success and build a beautiful relationship with their businesses and life’s work. You can contact her on FacebookInstagram or via her website.


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