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Healing Interrupted: When Destiny Intervenes.

Our paths crossed this morning, destiny once again stirring the pot.

No sooner do my eyes adjust from the bright snowy glare to the dim, mood-lit cafe, laptops and lattes everywhere, the din of the espresso machine humming steadily in the background, that I see your face. Your beautiful face.

I freeze. The perpetual knot in my stomach tightening its grip, my muscles coming to a rigid halt. Every cell in my body contracting, words jumbling up like a pile-up of locomotive cars between my brain and my lips.

A safe three feet away, I can feel your energy making the mighty leap and becoming one with mine. I try to stop my heart from opening its arms and receiving your impact, but I’m too late.

There you are, filling the beaten holes you once occupied, and like an addict taking his first hit after a long reprieve, I feel the completeness for which I’ve been longing.

Mounds of once immovable lingering pain brushed aside without effort, I am home once again.

We return to the brightness, my body immune to the cold with its newfound warmth of your presence. You ask to hug me. I try to resist, but fail, breathing you in and letting your heart touch mine.

I’ve missed you so. You say the same.

We walk and talk for nearly an hour, the three-day-old snow crunching under our feet. I feel the adrenaline start to pump through me, hoping that our mutual love for each other, still strong after all these months, might be enough this time.

But around in circles we go, as we walk and as we talk. No closer to reunion, yet no further un-entwined. Two souls seemingly forever linked, but unable to break free of the walls in which they’ve been enclosed.

We embrace again, both of us lingering, not wanting the moment to end. I take in the weight of your arms and body against me, letting your imprint forge itself into my being for the days to come when the gravity of your absence is too much to bear.

Then I look into your tear-filled eyes, your beautiful face, and release my clenched grip on your oh-so-worn black puffy coat.

I cross the street, glancing back to offer a small wave as you start your car. And I proceed onward, full but empty, the high already starting to fade, and the sobering reality of loneliness reclaiming its rightful place as the image of your face marches on before me.


LizKingLiz King is a grateful corporate-renegade-turned-holistic-advocate on a mission to inspire human evolution, one being at a time. Having spent the better part of the last decade at the mercy of her physical body, she has come to know the importance of embodied awareness and its role in authentically integrating action and intention to live a meaningful and productive life. A therapeutic healing and creativity coach in Boulder, CO, and the inspiration behind The Embodied Revolution, Liz has made it her life’s work to help others navigate their paths from a place of innate body-based wisdom, transforming pain and inertia into synchronous action. Liz is a soul-enthusiast and geeks out on the body, quantum physics, deep discussions, being in nature, baroque music, and doggie snuggles. You could follow Liz on Instagram.


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