Hey Valentine, Who Is Going To Love You Today?

It’s February, the month of Love. It’s another excuse to turn up the heat on your Inner Flame. Drenching each cell in your body with ruby red, juicy, and luscious love.

Even when you are howling from that deep bottomless ache inside of you. Even when life feels impossibly hard and there is pain and fear. Are you willing to open to the possibility of embodied pleasure and love? Even if it just means letting yourself feel the coziness and softness of the bed covers you are hiding under.

Or smelling your favorite oil or perfume and noticing how sensual and yummy it makes you feel. Letting that in. For even just a moment.

Next time you are in front of a mirror, look into your own eyes and say I love you. Not as an affirmation or mantra to repeat, but to experience being told you are loved by someone who looks…

… just…

… like…

… you.

Watch what happens inside of you as you do this. Can you let this love in and fill you up? Or do you feel uncomfortable? Is there a voice saying you are not lovable in some way?

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you have done, what has been done to you. No matter how old you are, what you look like, and what your job, financial, and relationship status is like. No matter what other people think of you. You always deserve to find your way back to love.

It doesn’t have to be the mirror exercise, it could be anything. The possibilities are endless. Sometimes it takes feeling around that hard brick wall for quite a while to find the opening, the sweet spot. The place where life can enter us again.

Sometimes that feeling around and being lost seems wasteful, but it’s not. It’s fruitful. There is a certain creativity and wisdom that grow underground during times of frozen heaviness and being lost.

If there is some part of you, maybe a very subtle still voice inside you, that knows you don’t need to struggle with or fix anything… a subtle Soul Sense that it’s all okay. Yes. Trust that voice. Trust your trust.

One second of sweetness that you give yourself can open you up tremendously. And the fact that you did that for yourself, that you allowed yourself to enjoy and be loved. The great thing about doing this is that you can then spend the rest of the day feeling so proud of yourself. “Wow, I did that!” “I did that for myself!” Go ahead and milk it.

You can have all sorts of issues and wounds, and although you cannot always change what is showing up, You can show up. A moment here and a moment there, they add up. You can be the loving container for it all. The loving container doesn’t need to change its contents.. it just holds it all. With Love. Acceptance. Spaciousness.

All the things that you are doing so you can relax. Working on those accomplishments so you can feel a sense of completeness and worthiness. Working hard on a relationship so you can experience love and connection and belonging…

… why not try cutting out the middle man and go ahead and give yourself what you are actually, deep down, trying to get to? I hope a light bulb went on when you read that, but if not now, don’t worry, it will eventually.

I know that in the middle of fear it’s so tempting to grab the fixing and get to work with your strategies. Yet, consider that your life and all that comes is a mystery to be unlocked, rather than a wrong to be righted.

If we rush to fix something before we unlock the mystery that is asking to be revealed, we miss an opportunity for beautiful self-discovery and magic.

So, go ahead, drop everything for a few seconds… or hours, days, a lifetime… and take a Love bath. You never need a reason… or permission. But I’m giving it to you anyway.

Time-Travel Side Note: Maybe someday, when we are 90 years old, we will talk about the time when we started a revolution in our hearts. And even though we had no idea that it would be so challenging…

… it was worth every moment. Because we, and the planet, are made of more love now.

All because we dared to follow the invisible thread.


LilaHarisLila Haris has transformed herself from someone who fearfully lived the stories around her to now birthing the stories inside of her. She loves resurrecting the richness from all parts of life. Even scavenging the dark tiny corners. Even the painfully awkward. Even the horribly traumatic. Her life experience has taught her that everything that exists has meaning, if you are curious and foolish enough to look for it. Lila offers healing sessions using a process called the Dalian Method. Connect with her on her website or on Facebook.


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