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Is It Love Or Addiction?

We continue to want the same thing from this individual, not realizing that after a while, we don’t enjoy it, and maybe we never did, yet we still need it. The moments of comfort and bliss are fleeting. A feeling of emptiness prevails.

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you & me

The Gift Of Nothing.

A funeral’s a celebration though. We lose sight of that. A funeral can be a beautiful thing, calling to mind the heart of the journey; the victories; how we prevailed; those we touched; what we overcame and of course, who we became.

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Redemption. {poetry}

I mourn a world that sells vaginal deodorants and labioplasties, mandating us to buy products so we can finally wear white and no longer be ashamed by leaks and smells. Incessant messages urge us to pluck, shave, tighten, tuck, wax, perfume, and bleach, lest we offend.

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