You ‘Can’ Make Yourself Bigger Down There: Ancient Techniques That Really Work.

Penis enlargement is such a popular topic for spam emails and snake oil salesmen that it is a global joke. All these fools being parted from their money in pursuit of an impossible dream.

But what if it was actually possible to enlarge your penis?

The con artists are still con artists, and their spam emails are still spam, but there are ancient techniques from historical cultures that can actually produce measurable changes in penis size. They are little-known, mostly because they don’t involve anything that costs money, so it is not in anyone’s financial interest to promote them.

They also require effort on a regular basis for a decent period of time, so very few people who come to know of these techniques ever actually apply their knowledge and produce a visible result.

I have two male friends (that I know of) who have successfully used the technique described below to increase the length of their penis by at least an inch (2.4 cm).

When trying techniques such as these, it is important to go carefully — it is not a case of some is good; more is better. Ideally, find someone who understands the technique and can answer any questions you have during the process.

Penis enlargement as a spiritual practice

Some sannyasins of India used penis enlargement as a way to ensure they were not tempted by the pleasures of the flesh. They lengthened their penises to such an extent that all the internal structure was destroyed.

At the end of this process, the penis is a metre or more long, and cannot become erect at all. Some sannyasins would even loop it over their arm to stop it dragging on the ground.

This same knowledge was used by Tantrics to increase the size of their penis, if its natural size was too small to match the majority of women. They would, of course, stop well before there was any loss of function, because sexual energy is a key part of Tantric spiritual practice.

Penis enlargement as a mating display

In certain areas of Sudan, penis size was seen as a measure of masculinity. Fathers would teach their sons penis enlargement techniques as they approached puberty, so that they could have well-proportioned penises by the time their parents were negotiating marriage contracts, and the prospective in-laws demanded to see the equipment.

Boys would practice the technique for 30 minutes per day from puberty until their marriage, and every other day after that, to maintain the strength of their erections.

How genuine penis enlargement works

Erection size and firmness depend on the blood flow in the groin area. These techniques increase the circulation, and thus the amount of blood entering the penis as it becomes erect.

The penis also contains internal dividing tissues, which create pockets to retain the blood during erections. If these internal dividing tissues are attached to one another on one side, it will cause a bend in the shaft of the penis, and if they are attached on both sides, it will reduce the maximum size of the erection.

These techniques allow you to break the micro-connections between the internal tissues. Just remember that once you have broken a connection, there is no way to put it back. Proceed with caution!

Before starting Penis Enlargement

Make sure you really want to commit to at least a few months of a time-consuming and uncomfortable practice. Is your evaluation of your penis size realistic, or are you comparing yourself with porn stars?

Remember, the average woman won’t want your penis to be too big, because that can get uncomfortable for her. Guys with really big penises rarely get to enjoy full penetration and hard banging, because they have to hold back for their partner’s comfort.

Toning the pelvic floor

A well-toned pelvic floor (Pubococcygeus) muscle is directly connected to the control of ejaculation, the hardness of an erection, and the condition of the prostate. Regular contractions of the pelvic floor muscle will tone the muscle and make the erection rock-hard, leading to better blood circulation in the penis, better control over ejaculation, and a healthy prostate. It is possible to do the contractions at any time during the day, ideally up to 500 to 1000 contractions in each 24-hour period.

Warm up the area

Just as the body and muscle tissues need to warm up before other training exercises, so does the penis.

Begin with a flaccid penis. Take a good grip around the head, though not so hard as to cause pain. Make a powerful pull forward and up, and feel the stretch at the root and along the shaft. Make 10 pulls, each lasting 10 seconds. During half the pulls, rotate the penis 10 times in each direction. When the penis is well stretched, you may feel a partial erection.

After stretching, use a large washcloth soaked in hot water (approximately 40 C/104 F). Wrap the wet cloth around the penis and testicles for around two minutes. The cloth will feel hot against the skin, but try to withstand the heat. It will diminish quickly. Repeat the heating process five times, for a total of 10 minutes. The heat will increase blood circulation, which will dilate the blood vessels and make them more flexible. This will make the technique more effective.

An alternative way of heating up this area is through a hot bath or sauna. In a bathtub, make sure that there is just enough hot water (40 C/104 F) to cover the pelvic area. When the body has become accustomed to the heat, start to massage and stretch the penis. Pull it forward and rotate it both ways for about 10 to 15 minutes, while staying in the tub. Avoid staying in the tub too long to prevent dehydration and exhaustion.

Use the warming process before and after each training session. It will support faster and better results, and the training will leave fewer blue marks.

Basic training for penis enlargement

Cover the penis in lubricant and massage the penis softly to a partial erection. The best lubricants are Vaseline or baby oil, as they typically last longer than traditional lubricants. The Tantrics of India preferred ghee (clarified butter).

Create a good grip all the way around the root of the penis, squeezing the thumb and index finger so that the blood stays in the penis.

Maintain the squeeze around the penis with the thumb and index finger and slowly slide forward. The blood in the penis will be forced forward into the corpora cavernosa, the head of the penis.

While one hand slides up to the head of the penis, take a good grip around the root of the penis (like before) with the other hand. Let go of the hand that has reached the head, and continue the movement with the other hand. Repeatedly alternate hands, at a slow speed. Each milking movement should last around one to two seconds from the root to the tip.

In the beginning, you may see red spots or superficial blue marks on the head and neighboring area of the penis. This is quite normal, and will gradually diminish after the first week. Proceed more cautiously if you observe these marks. Remember, easy does it — more is not better!

Additional technique for increasing penis length

This technique stretches the tendon-like tissue in the middle of the penis, allowing it to get longer, over a period of several months. This exercise will increase the length but not the circumference of the penis. In order to achieve good results both in length and circumference, it is recommended to use both the milking method and the length-increaser.

Grip the top of the penis firmly with a full hand grip, and apply steady outward tension until you feel the stretch reaching the area around the base of the shaft. Hold for two minutes, then relax. If you feel pain, release the grip immediately. It is important to stretch slowly and gently, to avoid injury.

Repeat five to eight times in each training session.

Training program

Always start and finish with the recommended warming exercises.

During the first week, perform 300 milking movements and at least 100 PC squeezes per day. This will help increase the blood circulation and build up strength in the penis.

Each day in the second week, perform 10 minutes of continuous milking, followed by 200 PC squeezes. Do not let go unless there is pain, which is unlikely.

In the third week, increase to 30 minutes of milking and 300 PC squeezes daily.

Continue this program for another five weeks.

Finish the two-month starter program before trying more advanced exercises. Most men will not be able to do the advanced practice until they have mastered the initial exercises.

Advanced program

Perform the warm-up exercises with soft stretching and the hot compress for around five minutes. Continue massaging the penis to semi-erection while doing 100 PC squeezes. Apply oil, and perform around 100 gentle jelqs, then continue doing 500 slower and more powerful jelqs. Finish with another 200 gentle jelqs at an even speed. Apply another hot compress for around five minutes, and finish with 200 intensive PC squeezes.

After this, massage the penis to full erection and squeeze the PC muscles to force even more blood into the penis. Continue doing the PC squeezes until the erection diminishes. Again massage to a full erection and continue doing the PC squeezes until the muscles are completely exhausted. Stop if the urge to ejaculate becomes too intense.

This program will take around 40 minutes per day. After doing it daily for a few months, there will be a noticeable difference in size and performance.

Remember, this program requires dedication. It takes months of daily training and perseverance to see results. Consistency is mandatory; one cannot pause in the middle of the program. After about six weeks of daily training, it will become a habit to do it every day, but until then, you will need to exert willpower.


JennyHaleJenny Hale has an Honors Degree in Psychology, and had a successful career in academia, consulting, and executive coaching, before leaving the corporate world to pursue her passion — empowering people in non-traditional relationships. She has over 15 years of experience building community in polyamorous, D/s, and sacred sexuality communities, and providing support to people to negotiate the relationship structures that serve their highest selves. She runs discussion groups, workshops, and one-on-one sessions, focusing on relationships as a pathway for personal and spiritual growth. Read more of Jenny’s articles on Omooni.


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