In Memoriam: I’m Still Not Over Prince’s Death.

It’s been about a few weeks now and I still can’t imagine a world without Prince. As a young teen I had a crush. I admit it. He was exotic.

He had beautiful eyes (always did). You could sense he was a shy, interesting, intense, mysterious person you could talk about art and the finer things in life with. Despite whatever shyness he felt, he was probably one of the most self-assured performers that ever walked the planet.

As many have said, “So much swagger in such a little man.”

I believe there is a Prince song for everyone. If you are Christian, there is a song for you. If you are a hardcore sexual being and partier, there is a Prince song for you. If you are heartbroken, or celebrating a new love, there is a Prince song for you. If you are a toddler who loves to wiggle, there is a Prince song for you.

There is a Prince song for you whether you are straight or gay, or Latino or African-American. He was equally appealing to a man’s man and a woman’s woman. There’s a Prince song for your Grandma too. We all got down to Prince’s music.

In a rare interview, he told Oprah that he would never leave Minneapolis. He said, “The cold keeps the bad people out.” That could be said about a lot of Midwestern cities! I love that he was so out there, yet a consummate Midwesterner.

He was vegan, didn’t do drugs or alcohol, nor did he swear, but his music was highly sexual and his soul spiritual. So technically grounded and also divinely uplifting: a true Gemini gentleman.

There were also plenty of Gemini contradictions: he was loud on guitar, yet quiet in person as if ‘talking’ was boring and the sound of music was all he wanted to hear. He strove to keep it interesting. The color purple itself a mix of hot red power and sober blue cool.

“A strong spirit transcends rules.” ~ Prince

It breaks my heart that he was in so much pain in his last months. I can only imagine how much pain he must have been in to have succumbed to using painkillers. Many others have said how painkillers did not kill him, but pain certainly did. I don’t judge him at all.

Perhaps this was in his soul contract to leave young and give us yet another dialogue. It also saddens me that he died in an elevator alone. I wish I could have been his real-life friend, a person he could have shared his woes with. I think all his fans wish that. Maybe his angels helped him with that in his last moments.

“And if the elevator tries to bring you down, go crazy. Punch a higher floor!” ~ Prince

It takes an amazing person on an amazing journey to hold our interest for nearly four decades. This journey included many lovers, two wives, the grief of not having a child of his own, and so many creative ups and downs. No matter where he was in life, one could sense he was well aware that he was on a spiritual journey.

“Act your age, not your shoe size.” ~ Prince

He had bold style. Some would even call it tacky, but he made it all work for him, and had so many daring looks. Who else could rock an assless yellow lace suit, an orange turtleneck with a blue blazer, and my personal favorite: third-eye sunglasses. Also, there were many different haircuts and creative facial hair, but he was always lean.

It’s as if his passion and rich inner world burned a lot of calories. He came on to the scene with an afro, and left our world with an afro.

Prince could wear a blouse, pearls, spandex and high heels, and still steal your woman.

I’m not surprised that women get Prince, but I think it says something when a man’s man loses his shit when a Prince song comes on. His style, sensuality and musical talent validated his appeal and respect to men and women alike.

Jimi Hendrix, James Brown and Little Richard were obviously inspirational musicians, but Prince took us somewhere beyond that. He took that baton and twirled it up to the heavens. He was powerful. He was original. It would be a better, more interesting, and rich world if we were all more like Prince.

It’s interesting to hear the Bowie and Prince comparisons, as both men were slight in stature and huge in talent, style originators, and some would say, in touch with their feminine sides. I would say they were beyond any gender limitations, they were the truest and best of human beings.

The genius of people like Prince and David Bowie is that they seem so secular, so unique, and yet appeal equally to everyone on a personal level, just like the divine concept of God.

RIP, sweet Prince!


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Patricia Biesen

Patricia Biesen

Patricia Biesen is both a graduate of the American Academy of Art and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. In professional terms, she can be described as a writer, health coach and an artist. In 'non-professional' terms, she can also be described as the happiest coffee drinker ever, a defender of the beauty of the color: orange, a lover of jellyfish and other ethereal beings and a Mae West quote aficionado. She has had one eclectic career filled with national art exhibits as well as guest blogs for the likes of Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Cancer, ChicagoNow, Blog World Expo, Eight Women Dream, Conscious Divas, and Living Harvest Tempt, to name a few. Connect with her via Facebook & Twitter.
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