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I am Whole unto Myself.

I am able to consciously remember, as I connect with beings I love with my entire soul, to allow them to be separate from me... to not need anything from them, but to welcome the receiving of love as our dances and vibrations merge and come into alignment.

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Child-Led Towards Liberation.

My son is nearing his third birthday... I watch my child sleep -- still in my arms, still at my breast -- and I question my behavior in the day that passed. Did I offer enough attention, affection and healthy stimulation? Would he be better off in preschool or if I'd sleep-trained at six months  ...

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The Other Side of Her Illness.

What they didn't tell her about the other side is that upon arrival, the journey isn't over. It's not the end of the road, and it's not somewhere over the rainbow. Every day she climbs a mountain of thoughts. And she has to descend, wading through them again, before the sun goes down so she can  ...

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