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Damn You, Destiny, and Fuck You, Fate.

I mourned for what I thought was our completion of each other. I mourned for our moral poverty and our perversion. I lamented our symbiotic synchronicity and our delicious heartburn disguised as desire. A little piece of my heart and soul left me that day, like a little piece of stiletto heel  ...

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you & me

Deja Vu: The Magic Generated Between Us.

Although I favor elaborate existential deliberation to attempt understanding and translation of profound feelings, it is a rather excellent backdrop informing how we relate with each other, giving a grounding for romantic illusions whilst also drawing attention to the poignancy of our existence  ...

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I Love My Fellow Warriors-In-Training.

Doesn't it make some kind of sense that this world would change if somehow the energetically sensitive of the world somehow remembered that their wounds were the source of their greatest strength? Isn't it just like an amazing story for the underdog to actually be the one who pulls everyone out  ...

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