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Don’t Let Hunger Seduce You: Live a Delicious Life.

I never made myself sick; I never starved myself on purpose. I didn’t binge-eat and purge. But with the combined efforts of insecurity within myself and instances of depression or stress stealing upon me when I least expected it, I became unhealthily thin. The thing is, when you have disordered  ...

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you & me

Shame on You for Shaming Me.

See, it’s easy for people to be mean these days, especially with social media. We become keyboard warriors, hiding behind a computer, saying things we wouldn’t dare say in person. When we insult others because of size, race, color, heritage, education, religion, gender preference, etc., we are  ...

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She Wishes for Things. {poetry}

And she wishes to mother her babies again, so delicious they were, and their scent, the way they smelled, like innocence, with her cheek up against, their silky, smooth cheeks so to breathe them in, to feel a tiny, flailing fist against her skin, and little eyes looking up, to feel them  ...

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