Dive into Your Dreams, Dance with Your Past Lessons.


Dreams fill out the blank spaces in our minds, either letting us know what is filling our world up, for good or bad reasons, or opening our world to a new array of brilliance to explore… a new adventure.

As these new beginnings start, we know it is time to take another look at our dreams to regain our powers and rebuild our foundations stronger than they were before.

Take the time to dive into your dream; explore what you need to understand and what to leave behind. It’s okay. We haven’t missed out of something special. Perhaps it has grown into a new and better form, or the timing isn’t right for what hasn’t yet come to pass. Evolve your thought to witness the reality as it is now. You may have gotten knocked down or distracted for your own protection. If this grand scheme is truly meant for you, it will manifest.

Seasoning the reasons, the service for this idea to bloom is the delay.

Does the dream serve a valuable purpose for others? Or is it just a passing thought of wonder, and you just liked it enough to follow this butterfly fluttering by you by chance?

When the thought idea feels grounded and certainty of joy arises, it is the one to act on. Your heart sings, with your feet still on the ground. Focus now on the big picture of this idea and allow the details to unfold.

“If you are striving to do something you value, it is so important to surround yourself with people who unequivocally support your work. It is both a trap and a poison to have so-called friends who have the same injuries but no real desire to heal them. These kinds of friends encourage you to act outrageously, outside of your natural cycles, out of sync with your soul needs.” ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes

I have followed many ideas, only to have them lead me down the empty fields of maybes — no real joy, just an idea of abundance. Too many of those can slowly kill your enthusiasm for living the creative dream.

Being open-minded and allowing too many ideas to flood your head could seem valid for someone, but doesn’t mean it is for you. If it is a fly-by idea, and you happened to just like it enough to attempt it, chances are you are getting more of a lesson out of it than the riches you dreamed it would yield. But if your heart truly pulls you in one direction over others, don’t stop yourself with a doubt or second thought.

“Learning never exhausts the mind.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci

The last few nights, I have danced with the past lessons and wounds in the making still trapped in the deep recesses of my heart and soul. Time is re-balancing my self, as I focus forward through those lessons in love, career, and relationships of all kinds. Writing helps me acknowledge creation and opens my healing at a deeper level of forgiveness.

Sharing this may help someone through their pain, the regrets and depression their lessons might have caused, and shine a little light of hope, healing and peace to show that they are not alone.

I have been guided back to my foundation that I had ignored out of self-pity and pain by allowing depression to rule my world, back to those dark corners of my world which need to be cleaned with a little love or a lot of love. Remembering the foundation is not reliving your past; it is reclaiming your power. Finding your strengths and patching some cracks by letting yourself be You without a doubt in your mind. Remembering you are in this world; not of it.

Not a part of the brainwashed robots or corrupt souls desperate for the getting it without appreciation. You know them; the lesson-givers. The ones you look at and admire their cunningness, yet know karma will get them sooner or later after they have stepped on too many good souls.

Reading some quotations from other good souls’ words has helped my regrouping and embracing my formation into this world of mine. Some have been shared with me along the way to assist me with continuing on the twisted path of art-adventure. Some just seem to show up at the right time, and add smiles and laughter to my soul.

“Sometimes a little silliness is all you need to get a better perspective of your problems.” ~ Dodinsky

Count your blessings for the life you have; the tougher it gets, the more stories you have to share, each of which is a new chapter in your book of life. Make it as amazingly brilliant as you truly are. Be the wonderfully kind friends; be the amazing supportive parents, allowing your child to enjoy a childhood of their own making; be that wondrous artist sharing your magic.

Be true. And always just be your beautiful amazing You. You are love, and you are loved. Don’t forget this!


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Jennifer Hillman
Jennifer Hillman is a writer, intuitive life coach, Reiki master and NLP practitioner. The sensual side of her personality embraces a vulnerable, nurturing truth with a strong determination, mixed with the fragility of the feminine. Acknowledging the essence of her powerful inner Goddess has been an ongoing process. Her writing is reflective of this process and inner growth. She shares more of her writing on her site, < She has two books of poetry published in her Embracing Souls series, "Poetry of the Dance, Vol. One" and "Words of the Heart". Her radio show Abstract Illusions Radio , on and YouTube, explores and celebrates the creative human potential. Connect with Genevieve/Jennifer on Facebook and Twitter.
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