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Fear no Art, for You Are the Maker of Worlds.

As an artist with many other non-artistic things to do, I have often found it difficult to switch gears. Then I changed my mindset on the whole coming-home-from-work thing. I'm an artist when I take out the trash. I'm an artist who just happens to answering phones. I'm an artist who is writing  ...

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Make Space & Be Kind to Those Who Reject You.

To God I turned, and in Him I learned that all is just as it needs to be. This moment, this space, and the even greater distance between my lover and I, is what is and what shall remain to be. I chose to deepen my faith, and I miraculously fell into the grace. I did not fall easily though. I  ...

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Tradition: I Remember Womanhood. {poetry}

Fitted suit, tilted fedora and a doe-eyed expression before death of a betrayed love, Moved along by the crevasse of Astaire’s curved embrace, Soothed in conversation to the lullaby of Jimmy Stewart’s draw, Serenaded by Sinatra under a painted moonlight.

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Navigating the Storm of Chronic Pain.

  I have so much good in my life. So much to be thankful for. And as I inhale at this very moment to write, and follow the rhythm of my breath as anyone normally would, it hurts. It hurts to breathe in, and for as long as I can remember and until I noticed not too long ago, that is the  ...

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