I Am Walking Through Trees, Falling in Love. {poetry}


I am walking through trees

a single moon peaks through the branches

 standing silently


my thoughts crash upon me like waves

I am saved by a soft sound lingering upon the forest floor

and the core of the earth

begins to sing within me.

A silhouette forms like foam on the shore

and a man appears

 with eyes like that of a wolf.

He howls.

The night shakes

sky breaks

and a second moon takes its place

in the space his heart should be.

I watch as his face becomes clearer

his breath a ghost

in the crisp, midnight air

 a stare we share

for a moment

which echoes throughout the atmosphere

of eternity.

Without words, I call him near

and within his wind I hear

the beat of my lover’s heart.

We start


in a moment of darkness and a fierce feeling

of everlastingness

and like elastic bands

we unleash and are boundless and soundless

and quickly slip into one another’s formlessness.

We find infinity

in this dance of the wild

like a child

 reaching for the love of her mother.

He hovers

above me, his body a shadow

seeking mine,

his hands

two mirrors awaiting a face

to embrace

and reflect the beauty embodied beneath

the skin.

With claws so kind

he begins to tear through the layers of my mind

and lays me down gently

gracefully, hoping to see

the pieces of me

 hidden so far between

that which I fear

and that which I love.

So I surrender,

unhinge the locks

break through the wall

and call back to him without words.

I map his body without eyes

and upon the rush of his sigh

I can feel the morning lift.

The sand will shift,

the tide will rise

all within his chest’s movements

and I am sent into the depths of his being


I grow weary,

each time he touches me

tastes me

takes me to lands

which expand upon the horizon

of his soul.

I am ready

for him to take hold.

He howls.

The vibration rings throughout my body

and the dirt beneath us begins to separate

as we recreate

the definition of lust

and love takes over.

 It is through the trees I can see

a single moon reflecting itself upon my feet

bare like his back as I watch it curve

like that of a wolf

and together

we call out to the wild

and in silence, the earth responds:

Let go.

So I watch

 as his luminescent hands

trace my body

as if it was Braille

and his mouth inhale

my breath as if it were smoke

and his eyes stoke

the embers of my passions

and a second moon is born between us

as a hush falls upon the land

like sand being swept by the shore


eternity unravels

the tapestry rebuilds

as we begin to love

in the crisp air of midnight.




MarlyJean02Raised in Canada, Marly Jean is a restless rambler with a sacred yet sinful attachment to art. It is both her dark and her light; her muse and her addiction. In words she could never describe the feelings that hide far beneath the veil of her face… but she still tries. Vulnerability is the sugar sprinkled upon the canvas of a masterpiece; to expose the spaces she thought to be silent. Spending most of her time traveling, working with kids, making art and making love — her life mirrors what she feels so deeply within herself. She enjoys very long walks on the beach, writing poetry and short stories, reading tarot, painting murals, pencil crayon drawings, and sucking the nectar from each second of her life. If you were to go looking for such a person you would be wise to try the hillside, where the trees tower, or the sea… or her website, and on Facebook. As in the words of Oscar Wilde, “She lives the poetry she cannot write.”


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