Relax. {poetry}


If you never came back…

The wonder crawls in through my ear

from something somebody said.


Would I be able to survive

without my neck to support my head?


An integration of two worlds,

the elixir of love,

navigating life


regardless of hiccups, pitfalls,

and ominous clouds

announcing the storm looming above.


I will go anywhere with you,

the immortal bond

transcends the clasp of our hands

connecting to the heart I wear on my sleeve,

pain blows through the wind

at one time or another,

a distant soul is yearning

for a fantasy beheld within

to take them

so they can leave.


The abstract ideal

of all that one does not have,

unsatisfied desire

deceiving the perception

of one’s current possessions.


The mentality of existence

regarding the projected outcome,

the product of one’s life,

sends one on a perpetual search

for a fork-shaped knife.


Looking outside the self

for the possibility of

what could be

limits the ability

to engage

with the present (of) reality.


The probability of your eyes meeting mine

amidst the chaos of a public place

is infinitesimal.

The destiny of the stars

to cosmically compound,

never questioning their existence

nor the companion they have found.


Powerful luminosity,

the force of two.

The backdrop,

nightfall’s obscure hue.

Two lovers, supine on a hill,

innocuously admire this happenstance view.


The earthful gaze into space,

how two ones

fatefully turned

addition back into itself,

equaling a unit of one

along an arbitrary trace

of the cosmic face.


Words are the numbers constituting

the divine calculations of love

defying what one thought possible

when resisting the familiar urge

to seek explanation

for the operation of time above.


Is it an accident-

to be as we are?

A choice?

A feeling?

Or are we fallen stars?


Gravity, centripetal force,

The calculations of physics

Involving one’s mass.


The chemistry of U + I

simply esoteric

such as the bond between

the ubiquitous nature

of H 2 O;

blind acceptance of a fact

To dive deeper?

A fruitless search at that.


The ceaseless challenge

to objectify the invisible,

to highlight the definition

of the unseen —

a man-made endeavor


the meaning of meaning.



outside of Earth,

concrete originates here.

What we know has developed

from the sands of time,

a fragile combination of

resources and minds

solidifying ideas

into matter

perceived by our eyes.



the seeds of ideas

having yet

to manifest on this terrain;

Infiltrating an opening

into the heart space,

receiving information

from the celestial domain.


Close your eyes.

Release your thoughts,

Breathe into the mechanism

that transforms oxygen into

a carbon byproduct.


Your inhabitance is purposeful,

your being unique.

Value the intangible talents;

the dimples of your smile,

the dance in your feet.


Breathe out and radiate

the feelings invoked by

muting the screen of

the revolving world.


Relax into the rhythm,

even against the tides,

cleansing the system of social impurities,

holding you, until you arrive.




The place you are supposed to be,

although you want this to make sense too.


However, definitions do not literally exist.

Meaning comes from the experience of

a life’s dedication to

discovering one’s truth;

the individualized calling

to accomplish all

you have come here

to do.


Learn this

and you will know what it means

to relax into the rhythms,

navigating through illusions,

getting lost,

before arriving,

at your long-forgotten dreams.


courtneyhunterCourtney Hunter is a wanderer from Southern California. She has been writing since she could formulate thoughts into words at a quickly ripened age. She lived in Spain and taught English after having returned to Los Angeles with aspirations as an artist. She now writes about this life and that, and the importance of storytelling on The Plot Tribe. In her free time, Courtney indulges in the senses of cuisine, meditates on the beach, breathes into Yoga, and goes crystal-hunting. It is a part of our nature to connect with others and take part in new experiences; she lives by this, as much as she can, each day.


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