And Still You Stand: Rendezvous with a Tree. {poetry}


Look at you,
So magnificent from afar.
Your mighty green colors give you such a majestic glow
That I can’t help but be drawn to you.

I walk a little faster the minute you are spotted.
I remove my shoes; such things get in the way of walking with intent.
The grass beneath my feet is wet and feels good, tickling my arches.
I even step in some mud along the way, which catches me off guard…

… probably because it was actually shit.

But no matter, I don’t give it a second thought!
I am in nature, after all,
Entranced by this tree of beauty that awaits my acquaintance.
I am almost there, anxious to greet the treasure I have found.

But when I arrive,
I am aghast at what I see beneath your beautiful lush leaves.
You have been completely pruned.
You are full of life at the top, but empty at the bottom.

There is nothing there.
No green,
Or leaves.
Not even a subtle breeze.

It is you,
As you are,
Just another tree with a long history.

I wonder what happened to you.
With all the branches you carry, there is potential for so much life.
How could something that looks so youthful,
Be so worn and gaunt and ancient?

The wisdom you possess is clear;
You have lived through quite a number of seasons.
The missing bark stripped raw at your roots
Show the soulful depths of your wounds.

For a while, I stand there feeling your pain.
I am angry at the animals that gnaw on your trunk,
The abuse that Mother Nature thrusts upon you,
And how often mankind mistreats you.

Autumn has only recently begun, and yet here you are, entering the long dark night.
The seasons change much faster for you, it seems,
Leaving you to wonder at the joys of life, and the quickness of death.
The cycles have become warmly fond of you.

Your vulnerability doesn’t escape me.
It is as if you have grown into your scars.
They offer you an odd comfort —
A reminder that you remain planted and fully alive.

My first instinct is to protect you from the cold,
Draw you a bath,
Cook you a hot meal,
And apply a soothing balm where it hurts.

But that is not at all what you need; oh no,
What you need is to be admired.
Acknowledged for your charm, wit, and elegance,
In spite of what lurks underneath your royal garb.

Your body may be tired.
Your foundations may no longer be as robust as they once were.
But you continue to dance in the wind.
Your spirit thrives,

And still, you stand.

Still, you stand and stand out like a proud sage,
Wearing and weathering your storms,
Exposing your nakedness,
Telling truth to anyone who dares come close.

You old hag,
I know your secret.
You are happily content to share your story
With anyone worthy of hearing it.

So, thank you for letting me hear you, and thank you for letting me see you.
Thank you for bewitching, and then befriending, me.
I bow to you and vow to live my own life —
Changing seasons, wounds, beauty, and all.

Maybe one day, I will stand just as majestically tall.


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Tracey Rogers
Tracey L. Rogers is an astrologer, life coach, activist, world traveler, lover of love and seeker of depth. She is also a Leo with a Virgo Ascendant, for those of you just dying to know. Her interests include music, spiritual topics and readings, as well as living room dance parties when she’s alone in her apartment. Meanwhile, Tracey is currently on the biggest quest of her life, which involves recognizing her inner light and letting it shine for the world. When she is not writing horoscopes or drinking cappuccinos, she is usually hanging out with her badass friends or at her local café. To find out more about Tracey and her work, you can visit her website; you can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
Tracey Rogers
Tracey Rogers