The Time Has Come: You Are Ready to Rise.


More shocking than the election results was my reaction to it.

Upon waking, I rolled over in bed and reached for my phone. Surely, the results had only been a nightmare.

Only it wasn’t.

The realization had a visceral reaction. I ran to the bathroom and threw up. Bed to bathroom and back again for the next 24 hours, purging more than I thought was possible.

Half conscious, I scrolled through Facebook to see people posting about love and a way through this dark time. I envied their ability to beautifully articulate their thoughts and feelings while my own whirled around my brain and body. I could barely come up for air or announce my inability to breathe, much less write something beautiful in that moment.

Yet, through the fog of sickness and sleep, something deep inside me awoke. A small inner voice with a powerful message for me whispered:

You are ready for this.

This is why you are here. Why you chose to come now.

This is why you chose a verbally abusive parent.

This is why you chose an angry sibling with a heart full of hate.

This is why an unexpected envelope in the mail made you move to New York City and opened your eyes to diversity.

This is why you were sexually harassed by bosses and mentors.

This is why you were told ‘your place’ in the world was in bed, in the kitchen or behind an ironing board.

This is why you fell in love with men from foreign lands.

This is why you spent time outside the States and listened to views of others who had different upbringings and attitudes than you.

This is why, after abuse, you were told by a boyfriend to ‘suck it up’ and ‘get over it’ because he wanted to have sex again.

This is why you lost the two men you had lived your life through.

This is why you worked so hard to dissolve the negative ties in your life that kept your spirit down and dimmed your light within.

This is why you sought the teachers to help ignite the embers of your inner light.

This why the man you opened your heart to after loss just happened to be Muslim.

This is why.

The time has come.

It’s time to take the training wheels off.

It’s time to recognize your power within. And use it.

Compassion. Understanding. Standing in and for Love.

Hate is the easy way out. You didn’t come here for easy.

It’s time to unleash that power and spread compassion like wildfire through the darkness.

Knowing that if it hadn’t gone so utterly dark, you would have eased yourself back to sleep, awaiting others to take the reins for you.

The time has come. There is no going back to sleep. You are wide awake.

And it won’t be easy. But know you are not alone. An army of angels surrounds you.

So don’t be afraid. Grieve. Cry. Throw up. Rest. And then take your rightful place in the world.


Above the hate, Rise.

Above the despair, Rise.

Above the fear, Rise.

Now look around. And see how many are rising with you.



AimeeDuFresneAimee DuFresne is a Joy Catalyst and soul-shifting creator, coach, traveler, and latte-lover. She offers online guided JOYrides for women ready to shed the sh*t and shine their soul fully and brightly. She gently guides women to declutter mind, body and soul and embrace their true power. Also the proud author of Keep Going: From Grief to Growth, Aimee and her husband packed up their Prius in 2014 and have been traveling the country speaking, housesitting and petsitting ever since, continuing to spread JOY wherever they go. You could contact her via her website.


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