Time to Unleash our Dragons.


The day after the election, I started a Facebook gratitude practice. This is what my first entry read:

Day 1 of 1460. If our collective awakening, respect for diversity, and all humanity involves exposing widespread ‘Trumpism’ that lay dormant in such a large majority of voters and fellow Americans all along — recognizing that a demagogue and dirty politics by powerful players are still only partially responsible for all the millions of votes that produced this outcome — as an immigrant, woman of color, holistic healer, and American, I rather have slimy stinky shit sit out in the sunlight than buried and festering in forgotten and rotting dark corners.

I’ve got to admit. The overwhelming stench of the stinky slimy shit has been a lot to take in. I miss the old us, denial, imperfections, warts, and all.

I clearly remember my trembling state of mind and waves of shock and anger slowly percolating during the broadcasting of the election. Many of us may never forget this day. I know I won’t.

By the time it looked like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin were going to remain as red as the blood of my revolting womanhood, my soul started to have its own convulsions, hurling me around in the twilight zone of confusion that I often find myself in right after being awakened by a minor California earthquake — not sure if it really happened, if I needed to hide for cover, or if I was having a bad dream.

In just one week, we’ve been blasted out of our acquiescing bubble, and into a much darker and starker stratosphere of reality, than we ever imagined was possible, in a similar way that 9/11 did.

Except that the lurking danger and our biggest threat now lies within our own borders and could be coming at us from every angle and office held in the nation, including the White House and Pentagon, at unprecedented rates and with long and far-reaching impact.

It’s no surprise that my protective dragon spirit guide has been circling me 24/7 for the last seven days. I have a feeling that s/he won’t be leaving anytime soon. I’m learning to accept that this is how it’s going to be, just as I’m learning to deal with the reality of this president-elect and our very red and frightening administration (even though I still wake up every morning hoping to discover that this is just a nightmare).

What does my dragon spirit guide’s behavior tell me?

While elitism, classist prejudice, stereotyping and neglect can most certainly explain the many unexpected revenge votes of this election (memoirs such as The Glass Castle and Hillbilly Elegy offer great insight into the struggles of rust-belt, Appalachian, and similar working class communities), I think what’s really at play, and what will be under continuous threat of being trumped this entire administration, are consciousness and compassion — which especially fear and ignorance vehemently resist when challenged.

Shamanic spirit guides and power animals are like flashlights and highly specialized technicians on my consciousness and compassion team, illuminating and ingeniously dismantling shadow blockages  in my blind spot, or offering me specific know-how while working on a challenging or stubborn issue within myself, intimate circles, work, society-at-large, or when clearing imbalanced energy in a space.

My guides, like creative muses and light bulbs, usually lay low in the field of unmanifested potential, and only pop up in my mind while I’m doing a shamanic journey, writing, or when unaware of potential assaults on my energy field while going about my daily life. My small mind usually isn’t made aware of, and doesn’t keep track of, all that they do and perceive until needed.

This new development with my dragon guide reveals to me that a certain level of threat is now constant, and that having my vigilant guide close by my side is necessary to consciously ward off the ongoing onslaught of provocations, threats, grave insults, and disempowering changes that are continuously being generated and circulated, keeping us both informed and at risk of manipulation by energy vampires both in politics and the media.

It’s important to protect ourselves from the long-term effects of this new normal. Do you have a protection guide? If not, have you explored the possibility of working with one? They can take the form of archetypal beings, animals, mythical, religious, or spiritual figures, or whatever shape works for you, as long as it fills up that hole or blind spot that typically gives you trouble.

A guide can give you clear insight and activate your super powers to better handle harmful dark energy and threatening situations. Sometimes more than one protector guide is needed.

My dragon guide is a master of paradox, simultaneously fierce and invisible. S/he embodies magic, and is a shapeshifter, being a blend of different animals.

S/he passionately fights when needed, but her/his best defense and weapon is the ability to merge with the field of compassion, equanimity, peace and love by balancing the four elements — fire, water, air, and earth, and the many aspects of the self, wisdom, and humanity that they represent — that s/he lives in harmony with on a daily basis.

S/he operates very much like a martial artist when I’m, for example, called to clear a place where a lot of dark things have occurred. Her/his invisibility cloak shields me, and allows me to expose and separate dark patterns from pure love and divine source.

Previously undetected subtle aspects of reality are revealed and reflected to me by my spirit guides who also show me how to reintegrate the imbalances back in alignment with all, but only when I’m mirror-like. By being one with the mirror field, I can enter and leave intense spaces without any dark, harmful energy getting under my skin.

The added protection offered by a guide is also effective when interacting with challenging people — it just requires an extra set of skills in timing and communication when conveying the insights and/or when verbally setting a boundary, but the good news is, you don’t need anyone’s understanding, approval, or agreement to set that boundary energetically.

Trust yourself when this is a must to stay sane: I discovered that it’s one of the hardest and most empowering practices for us to reclaim.

Unleashing our dragons and protective spirit guides for the next 1452 days will help us to, first and foremost, protect our own well-being and integrity on an energetic level.

This fortified foundation and retrofitted structure will offer us the clarity, stamina, and tools we need to absorb the bigger blows, tackle ignorance, -isms, and hate, teach protective skills, blaze new trails, and lead others to safety, freedom, and light, until we’re no longer under the collective threat of darkness.


LoraineVanTuylLoraine Van Tuyl, PhD, CHT, holistic psychologist, depth hypnosis practitioner, and shamanic healer from the Sacred Healing Well, is devoted to helping wisdom-keepers, healers, and seekers, including her tween girl and teen boy, dive deep into their self-healing potential and carve out their sacred dream paths in service of their dynamic whole self and the greater good. Her memoir-in-progress, Amazon Wisdom Keeper, is an eye-opening account of her spontaneous spiritual emergence and shamanistic initiation triggered by indoctrinating double-binds in the mental health field. What gives her story an added twist is her ability to anchor into her rich cultural background and mystical upbringing near the edge of the Amazon rainforest when standing her ground, challenging her field, and placing all bets on her spiritual integrity, intuitive resilience, and clarity: each one severely tested after escaping the chaotic aftermath of a military coup in her native Suriname, and losing almost everything that she knew and loved at the age of 13.


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