Sacred Rage: the Feminine Key to Transformation.

{Photo credit: Nicole Hemmer}

{Photo credit: Nicole Hemmer}


An aspect of the Feminine that isn’t always talked about is Sacred Rage.

There are things that are happening on this Earth right now that are pushing limits. A lot of darkness is coming to light. Veils are being lifted. Consciousness is awakening.

For many women growing up, we are so conditioned to not be angry. From a young age, we are encouraged to be nice, pretty, quiet, and to smile.

Many of us were not taught the value of healthy anger.

Many of us were not encouraged to fully feel our anger, which is connected to essential power and strength.

Many women have lost their connection to feeling anger within themselves. I know for myself, it’s been part of my own process of coming back to igniting my capacity to feel anger strongly. To truly feel it. To feel this fire — a sacred fire that burns within. An elixir of life. Anger is Shakti, and is an emotion — an energy — that is no less valuable then a wave of joy, sadness or love.

Anger is powerful. Anger is healthy. Anger is transformative.

It helps you hear the voice within that says, “I’ve had enough.” Enough destruction in the world. Enough violence. Enough of the suffering. Enough of compromising. Enough of playing small.

There’s a strong voice within me that says, “Enough of the illusions. I’m tired of the suffering on this planet. It doesn’t have to be this way. I know in every cell of my being that it’s possible to live Heaven on Earth. I know in the deepest truths of my heart that what’s happening right now on this Earth is not just okay.

From a point of higher spiritual truth, we can say that it’s all happening perfectly and as it should. Yet, as we climb down the ladder from the ultimate truth, forests are burning, animals are being killed, people are suffering needlessly, corruption is widespread, and the Earth is becoming toxic, raped and abused by ignorance. This is ‘not’ the divine condition of humanity.

We are living in neon ignorance and distortions that smile as falsity.”

Anger can be transformed into pure power, but first you have to allow yourself to feel anger.

Allow yourself to feel that fire within you. It is the antidote to weakness and suppression.

It would be a lot more healthy if many more of us felt this sacred rage. A rage that propels us into sacred activism, to do something, instead of believing we are powerless to create change. To take holy action where we can, and inseminate ripples of light. We all have our part to play in the greater tapestry. We all have our thread that is connected to the whole.

I ask myself: Am I doing everything possible to fully be of service on this Earth in the highest capacity that is within me?

Burn through complacency.

We need more change-makers.

The Earth needs us all to step up and rise.

Awaken from the slumber of helplessness, courageous warriors of light, brothers and sisters united together to uphold the new Earth, the temple-keepers of divinity.

We are here to uphold, protect and sanctify that which is pure, holy, true and beautiful on this Earth.

The Sacred Rage of the Feminine burns through all the lies, illusions and distortions. It cuts through to the white hot truth. It is a catalyst for transformation and expedition. It births us into expansion.

This is an invocation for all my sisters around the world.

It’s time to burn through all the invisible conditioning that dilutes your potency, truth and indestructible power. Rip through the plastic covering like a wild animal. Release yourself from bondage.

Free yourself from the identity that conditioned you to be nice and quiet… a good girl. The world is not in need of more good girls; the Earth is hungry for her lionesses to wake up and rise.

We are suffocating without knowing that we are. And as we suffocate, the Earth suffocates, and all of life on the planet feels it.

Burn through the impurities.

Burn through the plastic.

Burn through the invisible ties.

It’s time to step up. Speak up.

Awaken to the lioness within you who knows the true medicine of Sacred Rage.

There is an aspect within us women that has had enough.

There is a holy awakening of the fieriness of the Feminine happening on the Earth: she who is fierce, fearless and untamed.

Sacred Rage is the medicine that is needed now on this Earth. It is the catalyst for movement, expansion and transformation.

Sacred Rage is what will move us out of disillusionment, and birth us into the new Earth that is already existing in the templates of time. It is an awakener.

Sacred rage is the light which burns through me, and burns through us all.

It’s time to roar with fierce love.


NicoleHemmerNicole Hemmer, MA, is a certified Transformational Life Coach who offers ‘Life Sessions’ with clients globally. She guides international Sacred Women Circles, leads workshops, and facilitates Sacred Feminine Retreats in nature that focus on awakening women’s feminine essence, sensuality and inner goddess. Nicole traveled to 50 countries by the time she was 25 years old, and has lived in North America, Europe and Asia. She holds a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology, and is passionate about the reemergence of the Divine Feminine on the planet, embodied spirituality, sisterhood, soulful beauty and empowered living. Nicole is currently based in Berlin, and has worked with hundreds of women around the world in remembering, awakening and igniting the Sacred Feminine light within, and embodying ancient feminine wisdom. As a modern-day priestess, she guides women back to their true nature. You can connect with Nicole on her website, Facebook, and YouTube channel.



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