Break Your Own Curses, and Heal Yourself.


My dearest fellow warrior,

Lie down next to me. Place your weary head on my lap, close your eyes, and allow your soul some rest. I want to tell you a story:

There was a warrior who grew up in a noble family. They had wealth beyond imagination and seemingly limitless opportunities for success. Anything this warrior needed was provided to her, and anything she wanted was within her grasp. 

The leaders of this noble family were powerful and wildly successful. They commanded respect from those they looked down on, their status was beyond compare, and they were the subject of envy from all who were less than.

This family also had a series of curses that continued unmanaged for generations: disdain for weakness, a perpetuated fear of scarcity, systematic oppression, lack of accountability, abuse of power, deceit, and mishandling of privilege. These curses were woven into the DNA of every family member, including this warrior. 

Through some divine intervention, she began to slowly discover how to break the curse. She started small, by trying to tell the truth, and having more compassion. She began to learn how to see her wealth as a gift. Rather than pushing away her power, she embraced it, then used it to lift others up. Slowly she recognized that her family wanted to keep themselves apart from the others.

They wanted to shield themselves from the outside, in hopes of keeping a tight grip on what they had. She learned that in order to keep hold of her true power, she had to be willing to part with the old patterns of her DNA.

The warrior fought every day against these curses. Every day, she broke the cycle a little bit more, moving closer to erasing the curse from herself. As she slowly unraveled the tangle, her power grew. As her power grew, it radiated outward to feed the fire of others. And this new fire enveloped the family, burning away the curse with the smoldering heat of change.

Now you, my dear, sweet, courageous fighter, you too face the challenge of breaking a curse. You have come from a legacy of hurt, and must fight to heal the wounds. You have anger, you feel fire, and you’re ready to fight. You have been fighting, tirelessly. You’re worn and I see defeat resting heavy on your heart.

You are fighting an enemy with all your human strength, and I can see the lines in your face echoing worry. I hear your soul screaming in anger, wondering when your efforts in battle will be enough.

I ask you, dear warrior, please take time to pause. Lay down the sword, just for this moment.

Ask not what your country can do for you, or what you can do for your country. Ask what you can do for yourself, every day, to fuel the heat of change within. Take time to break your own curses. Allow your power to grow.

Rise up now, dear one. Peel back the layers of the curse, break the tangles within yourself. Use every day to undermine the legacy of hurt buried in your genetic code.

And when you’re ready — when your flames are bursting through your core and leaping into the world, when you feel enlivened by the fire within — use your flames to fuel the fighters around you, as our warrior did so long ago.

Yours in absolute camaraderie,
A fellow fighter


KelsieSilva-NetoKelsie Silva-Neto is a traveling Yoga teacher on a global adventure to rediscover her buried self. She is sharing this journey wholeheartedly and openly, in hopes of empowering others to share their own — free of judgment, shame, and fear. You can follow her adventure via her blog or connect via email.


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