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Let Go of Those Who Can’t Come with You for the Rest of the Ride.


As we’re saying goodbye to a few situations and people that had occupied a significant space in our past, there is pain and resistance.

Pain, yes, because we wish we had done things differently sooner — seen, understood, loved more, tried more, and moved on sooner.

We’re sad because we intuitively know that it’s a time for farewell, but it’s a trip in our hearts that we’re required to take.

Space always needs to be freed up before new things can enter. There are always sunsets before new dawns, that’s the energetic law of life.


It’s farewell time for important relationships of our past, simply because with all the healing and work we’ve done, we’ve grown, and oftentimes, outgrown situations in which we were once comfortable.

It feels like something trapped in your chest right now — that weird feeling when your body wants to let go of something significant. You can feel that it’s already decided within, but you resist it. You see that green light in your mind’s eyes, the door is open for you to fly away from these unhealthy relationships, but you still hang on to them.

That is what we call resistance to the flow.

We tend to resist it because it was something big and we can’t fathom yet what will fill up the space that’s now cleared in our hearts.

We’re scared because we want to rewrite the story, to make sure that we’re right to let go. We wonder if we shouldn’t reevaluate the situation for the hundredth time, to make sure that we weren’t’ wrong ourselves.


However, something significant has changed within us in the past months and years, which makes the truth simple yet raw. The ones who can’t or don’t want to come with us on this spiritual ride will most likely leave our lives. It’s not necessarily their fault, but that’s simply the way things are.

Simply because we can’t go backwards, we can’t say that we don’t know what we do know, don’t see what we see, don’t feel what we feel, don’t wish to create a life where spirituality has a real part to play.

There is always comfort and peace in the truth. Even if it may feel harsh and violent sometimes, only the truth can carry us forward on the long run and in the right direction for ourselves.

The truth is safer because it can’t lead us astray — it’s hard to swallow, but when we do, we can eventually come back to making the right decisions and moves based on what our situations truly are.


I don’t know you in person, but I see you. You, me, and all of us.

It’s as if we are all walking the green alleys of a beautiful Spring park together. There are small hills there. It’s colorful, beautiful and bright.

We are holding in our hands the balloons of the past. They represent those people and things that helped us so much. But things and people often come and go on the spiritual path.

Take my hand, and let’s make a circle — a circle of hope for our future.

In this circle, we believe in ourselves, in our own inner wisdom, and we know that if something feels intuitively as expired within, that’s because it truly is.

In this circle, we lock arms and let the balloons that we don’t picture anymore in our lives go.

It’s okay to let things go when they aren’t good for us anymore. That’s how we bring our power back to ourselves, our energy and attention to our new intentions.

Energy must be regrouped within if we want to strive on that path of abundance and freedom that 2017 has opened for us.

Yes, there are those whom we once wanted, with all of our hearts, to take on that beautiful journey into the light with us. Those whom we wanted to help, to reveal to themselves, to save perhaps? But as we all know, we can never save other souls, people can only heal themselves. That’s what we all did, all alone, on our own, under the covers, those of us who have agreed to travel the winding roads of the heart.

However, the turnarounds have already happened, and new relationships or hopes have come to us while some from the past are becoming black-and-white pictures of our former times.

It’s a time of important changes and it can’t be stopped. The energies are out there — and the less we resist it, the less we try to find the error or failure of our decision-making process, the sooner we’ll be on the other side.


We are all together in the Spring park I visualized above. I see a beautiful and wide natural space, where we feel loved and held between nature and the sky.

We are all together, and we lock arms — knowing, trusting, believing, certain that we can surrender into the wisdom of our own selves. That we can move as the inner voice is now requesting, even if perhaps that specific move wasn’t on the roadmap.

We remember that true adventures of the heart have no roadmaps.

And even if our skin shivers, our belly aches, because it’s such a big farewell this time, we surrender into the sacred pulse, the guiding presence, the never-failing wisdom of our hearts, and we let go, all together, those wonderful balloons of our former times. We let them go — so they might breathe, live, wander, explore, fail, learn, travel the world, disappear, or come back to us.

We let them go, knowing that the turning tides have spoken.

Remembering that the book of our adventures, the novel of our hearts, has already been written, and in it, it says that we’re allowed to let go of those past relationships that occupied all of our heart’s space without truly making us happy.

We decide that now we’re determined to let in only flowers of a new kind inside our beautiful Spring par of life — ones that we’ll water and give love and attention and care to, which will in turn color, brighten, enlighten and comfort our hearts.

They too will love us, exactly as we are.

We’re determined to only let in what shows true potential to fill with happiness and light those new versions of ourselves that we’ve become in the past months or years.

We lock arms and let go of our past, and water the blossoming flowers about to bloom with new hope and love.


SophieGregoire03Sophie Gregoire is a writer, spiritual teacher and coach. Her travels and discoveries within herself and in the world, for the past five years, have enabled her to find her true self and help others find their own unique way. She has explored different kinds of love and soul’s connections, unveiled the mysteries of sacred unions, and became a healer for those involved in Divine relationshipsSophie savors coffee, encounters, Yoga, meditation, and cats… while her own cat is her greatest muse! You could contact Sophie via  Facebook, where she offers coaching sessions about the spiritual path, personal empowerment and love.


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