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9 Tips to Safely Navigate the Path of Self-Discovery.


I’ve been walking the path of self-discovery for a few years now, just like many of you, and we all can tell that stepping out of our comfort zone is a unique adventure.

Let me share with you, as the holy fire of freedom invades my veins again, what we should never forget.

It’s going to be Spring soon, and the following nine things might be good companions on our next ride that is blooming with the flowers.

1. People will tell you many things on the way, but ultimately the key is you.

Through the journey of self-discovery, you’ll wonder many times which road to take. At every crossroad on the way, you’ll ask yourself if you should listen to your heart or follow your mind’s infallible Saturn-type leadership.

And you’ll seek the help of other people, friends, healers or experts of different kinds, thinking that those people know more — but ultimately, you’ll find out that the key is you.

You’ll understand in time that you always have your own answers.

The truth is, if you allow yourself to dig into your own heart, you always know what you really long for, what truly brings passion, what makes you feel the most alive.

So you’d better listen to and rely on that inner voice — those words rising from within are your truth, your heart, your inner compass.

2. You need to experience and actually do things to know if they feel right.

On the way, you’ll wonder many times where you’ll eventually land. Some nights, you’ll get scared of living in such an unsettled way. You’ll even become mad at yourself and at that way of yours of never knowing where you’re headed.

So you’ll pray, you’ll ask for a pause — you’ll beg for a break.

And you’ll imagine that you could finally try and answer your own questions from the comfort of your room. You’ll think that if you did it that way, at least you’d be safe.

You’ll wonder from your bed how this or that could feel like, you’ll analyze life as an armchair philosopher, but the truth is — this isn’t your path.

Your path is action. Your solutions and answers are found by experiencing.

You’ll learn, time and time again, that what your soul craves for the most is to try — to take leaps — even if those feel like baby steps and even if you simply start where you are.

You’ll come to the understanding that experience is your Holy Grail, you’ll even tattoo the word on your chest — because trying is how you’ll know if your ideas feel right, if that dream is yours, if that road is truly your path to be on.

3. You may want to choose between the things that draw you in, but you don’t have to.

On the way, you’ll gather different or even unexpected pieces of yourself.

A few of those puzzle pieces will seem incompatible to you. So you’ll make lists, you’ll compare your own traits, you’ll try to choose between different possible versions of yourself.

But you don’t have to — because you were never required to fit in any prepared box.

It’s quite the opposite — you’re here to create your own geometric figure, one that could be a surreal, eclectic and perfectly wild and alien collection.

In time you’ll forgive yourself for all your inconsistencies, and even adore yourself for enjoying the variety of things you do, like being madly in love with Carl Jung’s works, pulling oracle cards at night, or imagining that you were the Goddess Brigid in another life.

You don’t have to be consistent as they say. You don’t have to be easy to understand or to follow. You just have to be you.

4. Your soul will never let you be stagnant.

You’ll ask for breaks, yes, but ultimately you’ll soon feel bored again.

Again, you’ll surprise yourself asking and being ready for more. You’ll feel the waves of a new eagerness deep in your bones, in your veins — that will be the thirst for new adventures, of more growth, of more life.

The truth is, your soul will never let you stay stagnant for too long — it doesn’t want you to rest, it wants you to strive.

And again, your heart will sing, yell at you, insist, scream and ask you to break free. And you will follow, numb, sleepwalking, you’ll follow your inner anthem in the thick forest of life — wandering, but strong and incredibly alive — in search of a new part of your own trail.

You’ll see that your appetite for life is, and will remain, tall, strong, wide and never-failing — you’re here for more and that’s what will always carry you forward.

5. You’ll need to feel free to try new things and quit old habits.

The key on this beautiful road is to try all those things that draw you in — those that make your feel the holy fire of joy, truth and freedom.

You’ll need to feel free to try, to test new things, to explore life, but also to quit some of what you had previously started.

Often when you’ll feel called to quit something, you’ll think, “I have to follow through, since I am the one who started it.” No, you don’t have to.

You’ll remember on the way that you’re not obligated to remain on one path no matter what — you’re doing things to try, to see how it feels, to find out more about yourself.

You don’t have to get married to all of your ideas. You’re here to learn. Let’s just say that you’re dating projects — and for now, that’s enough.

6. The ones that don’t understand you most likely weren’t meant to stay on your path.

There are those people of our past whom you met before you started that crazy adventure back to yourself. You still love them, but they can’t fully understand what the hell you’re doing, why you’re saying what you’re saying, why you want that much to explore life, why you started a few years ago to speak of planets and to make decisions based on astrology reports.

Neither of you is right or wrong, but different people and their souls simply sign up for different kinds of rides in this life.

On some of your worse nights, you’ll want to change to get their approval. And one day, you’ll give that up for good. You’ll understand that don’t have to edit yourself in order to be seen as beautiful or interesting by other souls.

You’ll just remain you and only you, you’ll explore as many seasons as you need, as the Moon and as the Sun do — and the ones who have chosen another path will simply leave yours in time, naturally, as leaves fall when seasons change.

7. Your path will be led by strange impulses, synchronicities and callings that your mind will fail to understand.

You’ll wonder what to do and who you are sometimes. You’ll search for clues. You’ll analyze yourself within your brain. But it might never make sense that way.

Your true inspiration will come unexpectedly. All of a sudden, in the middle of a day or at three in the morning, you’ll have a new idea, a new dream — you’ll hear a new calling from within.

And precisely because this will be totally unplanned — precisely because it will surprise you, wake you up, take you out of your safe paused numbness — you’ll know that this alien breeze of fresh air is the right one to follow, at least for now.

8. You will want to know where you’re going, but since you can’t truly know, you can drop the question.

Many people will ask you many questions. They will want to know why you’ve stopped doing this or being that, why you’ve left their world and why you’ve become such a different person.

You’ll want to hide or you’ll invent stories that will help you relate to them.

Some days, or some nights even more, you’ll feel scared of yourself. Of that uncertainty, this unsettled way you’ve placed yourself in. You’ll want to quit, to relinquish, you’ll want to go run and hide in your old safety net or to escape back to your former gold cage.

But you won’t. You’ll quieten your fears and remember the purpose of it all.

You are here to learn. You’ll remember that this path you’re on has no roadmap, and that always, at every step of the way, eventually you’ve saved yourself and all has been well.

The truth is, your path never was that crazy — this is just who you are.

9. You’ll become someone else, but that’s for your highest good.

You won’t understand anymore why you did this or said that a few years ago, as your awareness expands.

You may wonder, how could I have that life, was it really me?

You may even not recognize yourself after a few years.

You’ll have different lives even, but that’s okay — that’s perfectly fine actually, because that was your path, and this is how it was meant to be.


SophieGregoire03Sophie Gregoire is a writer, spiritual teacher and coach. Her travels and discoveries within herself and in the world, for the past five years, have enabled her to find her true self and help others find their own unique way. Sophie savors coffee, encounters, Yoga, meditation, and cats… while her own cat is her greatest muse! You could contact Sophie via Facebook.


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