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Finding Liberation Within After Sexual Abuse.


There was a time in my life when it was too painful to be in my body. Numb to my own emotions, I became the observer of my own life.

I felt disconnected from the waist down, unable to ground or root on this earth plane. Walking through life, I was unable to identify with myself, and therefore found relationships challenging. Desperate for love, I would jump into the arms of any man who would give me attention. I sought validation of my own worth through relationships, but how could I truly let others into my life if I myself was not present?

Constantly running away from myself, I moved from city to city, and job to job. My inability to root manifested in what I thought at the time was simply due to my gypsy soul.

If you have been through sexual abuse, you may relate to my story. It is natural for the spirit to disconnect from the body at the time of trauma as a way of protecting one’s self. As a result of this, we walk through life with a deep sense of loneliness that no one else knows about.

This loneliness comes from the pieces of ourselves that we have forgotten about. These pieces of our subconscious that are yearning to be seen and loved. We are afraid to embrace these parts of ourselves because if we do, we will also feel the pain. The truth is, in order for us to fully come back to self, we must embrace our shadow side.

When we embrace both our light and darkness, we begin to experience harmony within. The need to hide dissipates and we open ourselves up to living a life of authenticity.

In order to reconnect to our shadow side, we must first ground back into our body. Sexual abuse has a direct influence on the root chakra, the energy center located at the perineum. Physically this chakra is correlated to the legs and our ability to ground. Naturally we want to separate ourselves from the point of trauma, and as a result of this, we find ourselves living in our higher chakras.

This can manifest in insomnia, feeling lightheaded, foggy, or detached from life itself. In order to come back into your body, you must first be willing to connect to your pain. Breath-work, energy-work and movement can all assist in releasing at a cellular level. Trauma becomes stored in the cellular memory, and Reiki, Yoga, and the breath all have the ability to help us transform this pain through love.

By clearing space within your root chakra, your spirit will naturally feel safe to reside in your body again. In time you will be able to take back your rightful place on this earth.

Grounding in our truth is not easy, and takes a tremendous amount of strength. For every client who walks through my door with that familiar look of vacancy in their eyes, I want to say I understand. The same tools that brought me freedom are here for you today.

I am proud to say that I am happily married to a man who loves me unconditionally, and what’s even more amazing is that I am able to receive his love. I have the career of my dreams, and I can now root in my authentic self. Know today that this power to transform is also within you. You deserve to be happy.


Andrea Kehler is a registered Acupuncturist, Reiki Master, and certified Angel Card reader. She combines her knowledge of both Eastern and Western Medicine in her practice as well as her gift of intuition. Having walked through the effects of sexual abuse herself, Andrea now offers tools of healing and guidance to others. She has years of experience supporting clients through trauma, empowering them to find their voice. You could contact her via her website.


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