New Moon in Leo: Gateway to the Summer Eclipse Season.


The New Moon is occurring on July 23 at 5:45 am Eastern Time in the sign of Leo.

This Leo New Moon is the first of twin Leo New Moons that are occurring back-to-back over July and August. This New Moon is opening the eclipse gateway and beginning the flow of powerful, transformational energy that is coming with the August eclipse season.

This marks a time of beginnings. Think of this as a great cosmic reset and a portal opening into the unknown. Doorways are opening and possibility is shining brightly on the horizon. It feels like we’ve been gearing up for something big for a while now and this is it.

Now as with all great times of rebirth, there is destruction that takes place before the transformation takes hold, like a cosmic completion where things need to end before beginnings are made. There is always great pressure before great change.

We have been journeying in this process for a few months now with the retrogrades that have spanned Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and then Neptune. This has caused so much to be pulled away, revealing great truth to our eyes in all aspects of our lives. We have walked in darkness, danced with our shadows, and faced our demons head-on.

The transformation that is in store for you depends on how much and how deep we have journeyed with them.

This doorway that is opening offers huge opportunity to begin things that we never thought we could. Leo lights a powerful fire in our lives which can melt blockages and move momentum forward in surprising ways. Leo is reminding us that all things are possible, and this is the time to follow your dreams and your desires.

You are being called to take the throne of your own life and lead in courageous new ways. This is new territory and there is much to learn. Trust in your abilities and embrace the eagerness rising as you encounter this new unfolding journey. Now is a time of setting the tone for the creation of the future, taking the initial steps for the journey ahead.

This is the new phase that is being ushered in and one that holds great power. Use it to reshape your world.

Look to create what you wish to last, and release what no longer holds relevance for you. In this expansion and contraction, much will fall away, but there is better coming in the flow. Trust that.

Watch for the pitfalls of this Moon, which can include the drama that others can throw in the way of what we are trying to create. Keep your eyes open for smooth-talking, flattery, or empty promises from others that can distract you from your path.

Leo reminds you that you deserve someone worthy to sit on the throne beside you, one who would never ask you to give up your dreams or sway you with fantasies they had no intention of fulfilling. The time has come to look to the true, the real and the authentic. That is who is worthy of standing beside you.

As always during the New Moon, this is a powerful time to set your intentions for the month ahead and for what you are wishing to call into being. This is especially important during this New Moon as this can set much of what you are wanting to create or change during this eclipse season, and over the next few months, into action.

Be detailed, be focused, be daring, and during the whole season, be selective about what you put your energy into as the Universe is listening, and where we put energy, we see manifestation. The eclipse doorway offers us an opportunity to set a pre-focus on what we are wanting to call into being and shift during the eclipse cycle, so use this time wisely to make space, clear the unneeded, and focus.,

You hold the power of transformation in the palm of your hand as the creator of your own destiny. Be mindful, be daring and walk in truth. And above all else, follow your heart. It knows the way.

For the New Moon time in your area, check the lunar phase calendar.


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C. Ara Campbell
C. Ara Campbell is a visionary writer, the founder of The Goddess Circle, soul guide, cosmic channel, artist, facilitator of the Inner Priestess Awakening online program, and author of The Astro Forecast. She is a modern-day mystic dedicated to the awakening and rising Feminine, living embodied truth and aiding others in connecting with their medicine. She is an old soul who has been writing and channeling guidance from the unseen since she was young, and intuitively soul-coaching using spiritual and natural energies. She can often be found seeking wisdom and solace in the wilds of Mother Earth. You could contact her via Facebook.
C. Ara Campbell
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