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Of Shapeshifters and Magical Creatures: Alchemizing the New Revolution.


We are shapeshifters and magical creatures.

We, especially as women, shift ourselves in to so many different roles on a daily basis: wife, mother, daughter, friend, girlfriend, lover, fighter, employee, employer, consumer, and we live differently in each of those roles to some extent. That’s magical.

We change our being, we change our focus, we change our priorities, and we slip seamlessly from one role to another in different hours and moments of each day. Imagine if you could redirect that magic to have full confidence in yourself? To be fully and authentically you, every day. Not the you you are supposed to be, but the you that you are meant to be.

To manifest the ability to have your needs met in every single one of those roles consistently. Imagine all the good things that you want coming to you, instead of you chasing after them.

If you have children, think about how they manifested a magical being like you to take care of them. To ensure that they feel happy and healthy and secure, and that every single one of their needs are met. They show up and get meals, they get school, they get activities, they get parties and fun, and presents, and presence. And you create all this for them.

What if you could create all of these things for yourself as well, what if you could manifest a life that comes to you? A life that shows up for you and delivers to your doorstep all of your needs and wants.

One of my very good friends joked (I think) that she wanted to come back in her next life as her own cat. The cat simply woke up every day and looked at her for food, never doubted for a second that the food wouldn’t show up, that for some reason there wouldn’t be food today or tomorrow. He never worried about what was coming next.

He just lived in the moment, rolled around in his little patch of sunshine on the floor, got brushed, got belly rubs, got treats — a pretty great life, right? Pets are excellent manifesters!

So why are we so worried that we can provide this magical world of needs being met to everyone but ourselves? We have all the power of the Universe within us, all the power of the Divine within us, we make these things happen. Why do we believe we can’t do it for ourselves?

The power is within you, you only have to tap into it! We only have to be released from our self-inflicted cage of fear to see what’s really there, and to see how accessible all of this is to you. At some level we know this, but ego blocks the way. It holds us back here in prisons of thought, and the crazy part is we create them. We put our own shackles on just as surely as we hold the key to freedom.

The key is tapping into how to find that inner part of yourself where your spark resides. To believe in yourself, to release and let go of the fear on a daily basis so that it does not overtake our lives, and allow ourselves to live the life of our dreams. We can have everything that we want… and more, we just have to find a way to believe it.

This is my challenge, my blessing, and my gift. That I will fight through the fear, that I will give it voice. That I will speak to my journey and how I’m coming out on the other side, and maybe shine a light to help others do the same. It’s scary, it can actually be terrifying. Some days I’m so confident, and some days ego says, “I’m not sure at all why I thought this was a good idea.”

At the same time, deep down, I know it is not only possible but it’s certain.

I know that this can be done, I know that we are part of a new revolution, I can feel the collective energy rising. We we are here now in this particular space, in this particular time, surrounded by these particular people to share our transformation. To make it happen, to encourage and inspire each other, to lift each other up to balance each other out. We have to find the best way to leverage and alchemize this.

It can be done… after all, we are magic.


Toni Napolitano is a second-generation Card Reader, Intuitive Coach, Angel Intuitive, yogi, and corporate refugee. She holds a BA in Fashion Merchandising and an MBA in International Business. She is a 2x alum of Creative Rehab who is currently living the dream in Miami, FL. You can learn more on her website, Instagram, or Facebook.


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