Brokenhearted Girl, the Whole World Is Waiting. {poetry}


Sometimes, love doesn’t go our way.

Sometimes, the person we thought was our forever was only for now, and we are left with reaching hands and eyes blurry from tears and confusion. The road we thought we had paved so nicely becomes rocks and rubble falling around our feet. The love we thought we knew so deeply becomes questions without answers and empty hands longing for a piece of comfort to hold.

Our feet are stuck in quicksand as we look around to see the rest of the world spinning on. In this moment, we wonder, both wholeheartedly and brokenheartedly, if we will ever learn to spin along with the world again.

Maybe, right now, you are here. With eyes looking backward because you are too fearful of what’s to come. With a heart being pulled by gravity toward all of the places that hurt.

Maybe you woke up today begging the Universe for some sort of sign that it’s going to be okay.

Let this be your sign.

And when you see the whole world waiting, only then will you understand.


Brokenhearted girl,

I wish you could see how much is healing.

I know

right now,

it feels like a lot of hurt,

but there is so much cleansing

in the bleeding.

You sit on a bed that

doesn’t feel like your own,

the sheets don’t smell like his cologne,

and it would feel so much better just to go back to

how it used to be.

You are learning the

hardest lesson

your heart has endured,\

you never needed him to survive.

And what once felt like a life you were painting together

has suddenly left you with

messy hands

and unfinished chapters.

Go, sweet girl,

make the universe your canvas,

paint your own


Two tangled hearts,

with one delicate tug untangled

and everything you thought you knew

became a pile of string at your feet.

Pick it up

and spin it into something beautiful,

don’t let your hands forget

how much

they love

to create.

Brokenhearted girl,

what feels like the end is only the start of

something even better.

Unclench your fists,

Open your hands,

and watch everything that feels like it’s falling apart

put you back together.

Open your eyes

to the blessings you never could have planned

and when you see

the entire world waiting,

only then

will you

finally understand.


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Macaile Hutt
Macaile Hutt believes the best perfume is Idaho mountain air, the deepest laugh often comes from the mouth of a child, and coffee is the answer no matter the question. She has had to learn the hard way that some words ache until they are said. Find your voice and let it be heard. Macaile would like you to join her on Facebook or her website, as you take your own heart and live this beautiful life in search of perfect moments in such a way that every moment becomes perfect.
Macaile Hutt
Macaile Hutt