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The Still Hidden Truths and the Essentiality of Women’s Orgasms.


We’ve made progress in the past decade in getting the truth out about women needing orgasms, women needing masturbation, needing time to ourselves to explore ourselves sexually and more, such as sexual healing and awakening.

Our sexual energy is our life force. And to keep connected to our life force, we must connect to ourselves sexually on a regular basis. This is my personal experience, and is what I hear from other women in wild, full yea’s. But, this topic has been taboo. It has been stuffed down, ignored, and pretended to not exist for far too long in history.

And I’ve found that even in women’s groups formed to bring out the truth of our sexuality, women still do not tell all, show all, or admit all of their sexual needs. I have been a part of these groups myself, and have experienced the need to masturbate after days into a multiple-day-long workshop. I could not tell anyone, and no one told anyone if they did feel like me.

It’s still too taboo even in a workshop where we are discussing the importance of orgasms to say that we need some privacy and some time to masturbate because we feel the need to have an orgasm! Have you been here too? If you’re reading this, I’m willing to bet that you have, or will.

For many years, I’ve been obsessed with the topic of women’s orgasm and masturbation. I wondered how women did it in prison, or in the military, or in long time periods of displacement because of disaster or war, anywhere where women are in constant close quarters with other people. Not to be a complete delinquent when it comes to practicing non-attachment.

But I do not feel that I could live without being able to masturbate! Therefore I’ve investigated what other women do, mostly without being open about my investigating. As I’ve stated, this is still such a taboo topic.

This topic and I have been hiding away for much too long. This is an incredibly important topic for all of us in life actually! A truth of which is necessary to get the whole truth out. Because it has been distorted, because we were still too afraid. Most people are still really confused about it. And maybe even as women with women’s bodies, we honestly did not know.

Maybe some of us have not investigated enough for ourselves to know. And now, I feel, is our window in time. It’s more important than ever to get the word out, all of it, now, about women’s sexuality!

From my own family, to all ends to all cultures and situations that I’ve ever experienced or seen, women mainly act like they do not masturbate.

And all the people surrounding them, the whole social structure, and even the inside structure is usually set up in a way that does not allow for women to have a lot of privacy for themselves to explore themselves, or pleasure themselves without shame or without feeling rushed or like they have to hide who they are in order to do it.

I’ve come a long way in the name of getting the truth out about my sexuality. I’ve come a long way in releasing the guilt of not following the way I was raised. I instead went forward in pursuit of that freedom that I knew was there. I knew that freedom was there because I felt it when I allowed myself time to masturbate and be by myself.

This spending a lot of time by myself is considered to be very selfish behavior in the sub-culture I was raised within. I’ve had to hide and go another way other than what was considered acceptable just to get this far.

Through orgasm, I’ve seen who I am. With the earth-shattering energy of an orgasm blasting through me, my senses are opened, and layers I had been stuffed under are blown away. From here, I feel truth. During orgasm, and in the after-lulls of orgasmic ecstasy, I’ve experienced the oneness that wipes out all ideas about separateness. It’s the quickest way to a moment of samadhi.

I’ve seen that I am an incredible Goddess, and so are you. I’ve seen that I’m the most badass healer that I’ve ever experienced, and that I definitely don’t need any certification for me to know that. I feel it. I know it. I know who I am! It doesn’t take books or courses to get here. It takes time alone to explore oneself. It takes privacy to masturbate alone.

Because I’ve made it a serious priority for a long time to spend time with myself, I’m pretty darn solid when it comes to my life force. I have no shaky feelings when it comes to the part of my purpose as it pertains to what needs to happen in women’s sexuality.

I’ve seen that the more women empower themselves by owning and loving their bodies, their sexuality, and their orgasm, the more healing happens in the world. To heal the wounds in womankind, the creators of life on this planet, is to heal all life on this planet.

That’s why I am only continuing exponentially to become passionate about educating people about women’s sexuality and lending a helpful hand in the ceasing of female mutilation, no masturbation in prison, and the sacred space each woman more than deserves and should be provided for her to give birth, masturbate, explore herself. These are the ways for great things to happen for her and for all of us.

Portals will open for healing for us from here, through the cosmos and back, when a woman can completely love and own herself. That’s when lives are improved. The kind of power of a woman feeling her wholeness can lift all of life from dire straits to fiery glory-full living, the way life should feel. If this is not achieved, I believe the world will continue to suffer.

I have seen that through women being imprisoned and not being allowed to masturbate or be by herself ever, there is a gap in our world. This gap is what causes diseases, I believe, mental diseases in the whole of the world, particularly those that are so prevalent today such as ADHD, Alzheimer’s, dementia, schizophrenia, and anxiety and depression.

You’ve heard the expression “When mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy.” In this case, it’s Mama has been forced to cease movement of her life force, and deal with fight-or-flight energy running through her body instead of pleasure. And for as much as 20 years of her prime sexually vibrant years, there will be no possibility of pleasure.

The lights of life there will be shut off, because she was caught with a plant that grows naturally on our earth for the healing of all, but it still happens to be against the law. A crime of the times. A sentencing of death to much more life on this planet than will ever be known.

And then I look at women who crossed over to America from Europe in the 1700’s and 1800’s. Survival was hard. They were left as most women in any hard times in history to care for the children. Everyone lived in extremely close quarters. Women hadn’t made a peep yet about the importance of their sexual needs. As a matter of fact, women’s orgasm was thought to be a fictional thing. Sex was for procreation only.

They only saw men as having the God-force in them. They were to put it in the woman in order to make life. Therefore, there was no talk in such survivalist times and religion-dominated scared living about women’s sexuality, much less the importance of their orgasms.

I am forever extremely grateful for my female ancestors who rode the ride over here, so I can be born and live here in these times when I can express fully the importance of women’s sexuality. I orgasm in honor of them. Increasing my orgasmic energy, I consciously heal my bloodline and fill the gaps caused by the suffering of female orgasm-withholding. I fill the gaps with information, education, my own pleasure.

By owning my own orgasm now, I increase my energy to move forward and release those women who are still prisoners in their own mind, still believing that they are undeserving of a truly full life, loving their sexuality, expanding their pleasures.

It is time for full release now, women!

May we rise, own our orgasm, free each other by first freeing ourselves, heal the world by understanding our orgasm as the healing energy of all of life.

Let us be free!


Leahanne Woods Smith is a mother of two sons, and lives in Mooresville, NC. She is a Warrior Goddess, Yogini, Shaman, and Shakti Sensor. Her spirit drives her to continuously unearth truth through writing down her own experiences for the world to remember and honor the hidden parts of their spirit.


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