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Love Listens, and Knows When You Need to Be Held.


There is an innate complexity to love that cannot necessarily be defined through words alone.

Love is both a noun and a verb. Speaking loving words alone have very little effect if loving actions do not follow.

What I have come to understand about love is that it is full.


Love is not filled with indecisiveness and maybes. It doesn’t give bits of itself here and there, and it certainly doesn’t lie to you. Love is not just a word used to tell someone the things your actions can’t back.

Love is honest. It has the hard conversations and is able to be with the hard things between you. It tells you the things that you may not really want to hear in that moment, but won’t lie just to keep the peace.

Love is not secrets and games. It is transparent and real, deep and pure. Love does not enter into relationship with falsities and masks, for it knows it cannot possibly blossom in toxic soil.

Love does not punish for misbehaving. It doesn’t give the silent treatment and slammed doors simply because it feels as though you are too much. No, love withstands the intensity and it rises to meet you. Love does not bring you down in order to stay above you.

Love listens. It knows when you need to be held, and it sees the value in your connection. It doesn’t make excuses not to be with you, but rather will find endless reasons to be around you. Love adores you.

Love is freedom. Love gives you space to explore with the stability to return home. It is friendship, loyalty and trust. Love is an open hand and an open heart, and it knows that sacred things need protecting. Love protects.

Love knows the little things about you. The way you take your coffee in the morning, the scent of your skin, those little things in life that make you the happiest. Love wants to know the big obvious things and the things that other people don’t get to see. Love knows you.

Love does not look you in the eyes and tell you that it would be better off without you. It does not walk away because it does not want to make space for you. Love makes you a priority and treats you like you matter. Love values you.

Love is not the source of your nightmares in the middle of the night, rather it is the dream come true. Love is the most beautiful ending to your favorite romance novel. It has courage, and it will do whatever it takes to keep you. It will love you back in all your perfect imperfections. Nothing and no one else will be able to take love away from you.

Because love stays, and it chooses you every day.


Natalie Sophia considers herself a blend of many things, but mostly she identifies as a writer, intuitive guide, mama and yogini. She has a Masters Degree in Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and her passion lies in helping others heal from various forms of trauma. Her current methods of practice include a blend of creative expression, movement alchemy, energy work and nutritional guidance. She serves as a coach to assist others on their paths back to the perfection of their imperfection, so as to remember the brilliance contained therein. To contact her directly, please visit her on Facebook.


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