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How Did the Aries New Moon Change You?


We are in a great turning, perhaps The Great Turning of our lifetime. I fully believe that we can garner wisdom from Nature to guide our way through.

Like many of you, I look to the moon, particularly the new and full moons, as pivotal times to check in with myself, take the pulse of the collective, and seek for meaning in the Great Mystery. New Moons usher in new cycles, and  with Aries being the first sign in the zodiac, the impulse for novelty is even stronger.

The recent Aries New Moon on March 24 came in with Chiron, the Wounded Healer, pulling (pushing?) us deeper into the chaos of total reorganization, unprecedented measures and forced creativity.

The world is changing because it must. In turn, we are changing because we must. All our small cares and plans are suddenly put into a much wider, vaster perspective. It’s clearer now than ever that ultimately, “Life cares so little for our plans in the face of its own” (astrologer Chani Nicholas on this Aries New Moon). And death. Death cares so little for our plans. It takes us to our knees in both grief and praise.

On our knees, we feel the hard, sweet, wild earth beneath us. And we feel each other and we care for each other. And that’s what matters.

I’ve been in it. I’m sure you have too. We’re all watching the world in its throes of death and maybe (yes, likely) birth of something beyond our wildest imaginings. We’ve had our personal challenges too. And our joys. We’re surrounded by stories of loss and triumph. We’re being tested, and frankly it’s more than a test. It’s a full-on revolution. So, as one of my soul sisters shared, “Cry hot tears and scream bloody screams.”

This New Moon in Aries and the lunar and astrological cycles it initiated was about raw courage, brutal honesty, and tough love. We’ve got to be brave. We’ve got to switch our perspective from self-serving to all-serving. And we’ve got to wail and let our hearts spill forth, so that we can keep feeling, keep going, keep loving. It’s urgent.

Chani asks at the end of her post on the New Moon:

“Once it passes, and it will pass, we will be charged with the question: how did it change you?”

Here’s a visualization practice to make it more real and personal for you: Sit for a moment, center down, feel your body, particularly all the places where you are making physical contact with the chair/bed/floor. Breathe into your lower belly and connect with the fire of your will and the life force within you. Now anchor down into the Earth. Rededicate your life to the life of Gaia.

Feel the elements of air, fire, water and earth that make up this reality. Especially feel the call of this raging, crying planet — the call, the utter need for transformation. Allow yourself to be touched by the fire. Let the fire change you. Burn up whatever holds you back from Soul and Source. And rise from your knees with fierce courage, creativity and compassion.

Make your life the offering that it is. Make yourself the offering.

Now see yourself and the world after the fire burns down to embers. What do you see? What do you feel? What and who are still standing? Who are you now? Breathe life into this New Earth and your new self.

Love each other. Fiercely.


Dr. Jennifer Marie Lane is a Network Spinal chiropractor, dream oracle, author and mother. Her work is a blend of soul technologies, chiropractic and practical magic. Jennifer’s passion is for facilitating life-enhancing experiences where body, mind, heart, soul and spirit(s) intermingle, where dreams come alive! You could contact her via her website.


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