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Death, I’m Grateful for the Time Because I Am Living.


Hello Death,

I think it’s time we have a little chat. I used to think you targeted  me, trailing me as you took them one by one, a childhood friend, a boyfriend, a best friend, grandparents and uncles. Another one bit the dust, met their maker, dropped dead, bit the bullet or got a terminal diagnosis. But then I saw it happened to everyone, I was not the only one.

You may come early, like you did at me, or you may come late, but alas, you will come. Some can hide for a long time, then meet you face to face, being left speechless, devastated, thrown into existential despair, never to return, and some, through love, will see your value and necessity that love is all we have left after you have taken care of business. Love is the connection.

Love is the grace that eventually heals us, and helps us be at peace with your reality, our reality.

Dearest Death, I think it’s time to revitalize you! Instead of denying you, let’s take the time for you to work your peace. For you are a portal to more life. More life here and now, and more life after graduation.

You are a teacher of how to really live, how to value those few souls who really touch us and love us, to appreciate our gifts of touch, taste, smell, seeing, making love, creating, and to appreciate the diversity of this life around us.

When you are at your best, you make us question our own mortality and eventually come to the paradox that we are insignificant and magnificent, nothing and everything at the same time, that we even exist at all is a miracle in itself. Death, you are our ticket out of here. When we have had enough, when we need to rest, when our shell can no longer carry us, you bring us home — thank you for all of that.

Instead of hiding from you, I strive to stay open. Instead of thinking I know something about anything, I’ll observe with humility the symbols and messengers around me, the language of soul life. Instead of bashing my way through life, dropping opinions and judgment bombs everywhere I go, let me be conscious of my ripple in this universe.

I will choose to be aware that everyone has a right to their own path, and to truly love someone, you love their journey too. Instead of neglecting you, I will learn about you with curiosity, listening to stories and other people’s experiences, not turning away from you and denying our relationship. Because when you come for me, I want to be ready — cap, gown and all.

I want to be prepared, and to have some idea where I am going, I will carry some light to follow. I want life to live me while I play with all that’s at my fingertips. I want to greet you with relief or with surprise — either way, it will be okay because you know when it’s my time, and I have been preparing by living on every level I am capable of.

Death, although you are a relentless teacher, indiscriminate with your timing, my agenda makes no difference to you. I accept you, I bow to you, I face you, and will learn all your lessons, cry, grieve, prostrate at your feet time and time again. I will feel it all and probably complain, but come out the other side grateful for the time because I am living. I am really living just like you are teaching me to do.


gretchenguggenheimGretchen Spletzer is a writer living in California, a researcher into the nature of consciousness, and an explorer of the multidimensional universe. You can connect with her on Facebook or on her blog.


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